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  Feedback from angry player haters

I made this section for those of you who felt the need to write me about my page and how it influenced your life and those around you.

Newer Feedback

From: Anonymous
Message: why do you hate chad muska
Reply: Good question. I believed I answered that in the Frequently Asked Question section, but I suppose you didn't get a chance to look through there. For all I say, I don't really hate Chad Muska. Even the, "Chad Muska. What can I say? I hate him," saying on the top of my page, is meant as a joke. Don't read too much into it. I just like making fun of him because, you've got to admit, he's pretty flagrant.

From: Anonymous
Message: Ur mean i have no idea y u would hate chad muska?! he probley hasn';t done 
anythin to u sooo all ur doin is talkin shit about someone u he no idea 
about! Sooo heres a big middle fingers up to u and ur site! 
Reply: Is it really that hard to learn proper grammar, or is it a requirement to be dyslexic to be a fan of Muska? I guess we can dismiss our colleague here as the next Bill Shakespeare, but we won't dismiss his message... yet. Why would I hate Chad Muska? Are you stupid?

I understand disagreeing with why I would hate Chad Muska, but I think I've made it blatantly clear as to why I hate him. I'm not even going to respond to this evil. God...

Here's an ongoing saga I'm having/had with some girl about why I hate Chad Muska.

Message I:

From: Mega G
Message: Why do you hate Chad Muska? He is better than you think You are just playa 
Reply: Perhaps if you read my FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section, you might find an answer to your frequently asked question.

Message II:

From: Mega G
Message: My name is GhettoChild and listen up mikef. I asked you why u hate Chad. 
Reply: Listen Ghetto Child, my name's Mike F and I said, "Read the Frequently Asked Questions section."

Message III:

From: Mega
Message: ok peace 
Reply: Okay. Peace.



From: Lil' Player
Message: Don't player hate Chad because he is better than u f*cking racist. 
Reply: I hate to censor people, but I agreed to run my site by certain guidelines... Life's a bitch. Thank you for your comments, I will now go and cry.

From: Marco Pena
Message: burnbabyburn
Reply: Thank you for the most fascinating (and original) feedback I've had in quite some time. Yours truly,

The webmaster of the Official Anti-Chad Webpage

From: Marco Pena
Message: burnbabyburn
Reply: Such a great thinker, he had to sent this e-mail twice.

From: Anonymous
Message: Dude do you really hate Muska? whats up with that? If you hate him, if you do 
thats just you opinion! and if you do why do you hate him? 
Reply: Do I really hate Chad Muska? No, not really. What's up with that? I don't know. You tell me. "... If you hate him, if you do thats just you opinion!" I think you meant to say your opinion, but yeah, it is my opinion. I'm glad you caught on to that. Why do I hate him? Because I'm a homosexual.

From: John Raileanu

(this whole letter was written in size 24, all red capital letters)

Reply: This is the actual e-mail I sent* to good ol' John Raileanu. The e-mail is in quotations:

"Hello John Raileanu. I'm sorry my page offended you. If you had read my page more closely, you would have realized it was intended as a joke. I'm sorry if you took it seriously. I do not wish any harm to Chad Muska or any of his friends/family, nor do I endorse violence, whether it be physical or verbal, towards Muska or his fans. I was only presenting my opinion and it should be taken as just that - an opinion. I don't know why you have to stoop as low as homophobic expression just because we have a difference of opinion. Still, you are visibly upset so I won't judge your comments as they were probably written with passion and not well thought out. Below are some quotes taken directly from my page, which I hope will answer your comments/questions:


From the FAQ (under sections)

Question 2: You think you're pretty good, huh? I bet you can't do shit.

Answer: ...nor do I deny the skating abilities of Chad or yourself. It's more of a persona thing I'm attacking and not his actual skating abilities.

U Sick Fag

Question 9: You're queer.

Answer: Good for you.

PS - Homophobia is not cool. It won't make you the next Eminem either.


Question 2: You think you're pretty good, huh? I bet you can't do shit.

Answer: You're right. I can't. I don't even skateboard. Keep in mind, however, I never said I could nor do I deny the skating abilities of Chad or yourself.

As you can see, I never denied Chad's skating abilities, nor did I ever brag about mine.

Well, I hope that resolves everything. I'm not writing you to humiliate you, only to show that I believe that intelligence will always prevail over ignorance in the long run. You didn't read all my site, so I won't blame you. You might be a very bright person, but I do suggest that in the future, you know your material before you start writing angry e-mails to web authors. 

All the best,

The webmaster of the Official Anti-Chad Webpage"

* When I wrote Mr. Raileanu, I got an error message saying his e-mail account isn't valid. Apparently he wrote this letter, realized what a dumb f*ck he was, and then decided to hide rather than deal with the consequences of f*cking with the Anti-Chad Posse.

From: Anonymous
Reply: Censorship blows. I know. Now people don't get to see the real genius that was hidden in this letter. Let me tell you, I never felt the same again.

From: Anonymous... same stupid asshole.
Message: (edited for content)

why do you hate muska so much?Hes doesnt judge your ass.Whats rong with 
you.If you dont like someone keep it to yourself man.You dont have to start a 
whole f*cking web site on it.

Click here to read the whole letter*

Be forewarned, some of the material could upset some people.

Reply: (edited for content)

Chad doesn't judge my ass, you're right. But that's only because he's never met me. Are you some sort of evangelical Christian who believes that you shouldn't judge other people...

Click here to read the whole letter*

Be forewarned, some of the material could upset some people.

From: Matthius
Message: My name is Matthias
I think you are jalous at Chad 
He's the best
If you think he isn't, watch his videotapes
So , f*ck off and "try" to skate
Reply: My name is Mike
I think you're overcompensating for a small penis
Your girlfriend doesn't mind though. She's used to worse.
If you think it isn't, maybe you should watch some of her video tapes.
So, f*ck off and "try" to make it bigger


the official webmaster of the Official Anti-Chad Webpage

From: Anonymous
Message: you are pretty cool what school do you go to if you live in florida
Reply: Why do I get the feeling someone's stalking me?

From: User 13
Message: Hello Chad Muska!

My name is Alexander Reiter an come frome Austria! Where are you now? The next year I come to USA, and I want meet you! I think you have much to do! I can not so good english! Chad, please write back!please, please! Can you my send a signiture! Thank you!!!!!!!! 

My Adress:   

NÖ/ Austria

Reply: This e-mail really broke my heart. For the lack of compassion I often show on this site, I do have occasional spurts of empathy. This is not a fake. Someone thought I was Chad Muska. Now I'm going to have to put a "this is not Chad Muska. I am not associated with Chad Muska in any way..." tag on my site. Poor guy.

From: Anonymous (suffice to say he had a really stupid e-mail)
Message: You Suck! 
Muska F*cking kicks ass! 
He is one of the best street skaters out there! 
Why do you hate him? Are you jealous? 
You must be! 
Well thats all i really have to say to you!!!!!!!!! 
Reply: That small, huh?

From: God
Message: How are you Michael? The weather up here is fantastic, thanks for asking. Lately things have been a bit chaotic up here, what with all the overpopulation that's pouring in here. Are you still running that Anti-Chad Huska site, or whatever it's called? I really did like that site. What's the address again? Hold on... I think I put it somewhere... Well, I have to go. Lucifer is being a hard-ass again, and I think it's time for Gabrielle to raise some serious sh*t, if you know what I mean. Well take care,


Reply: Thanks God. Sometimes I get a lot of negative e-mail, and it can be kind of frustrating, but knowing that you're looking over me, watching my hits grow, makes me feel better.

Your son,

The Archangel Michael

This is a fake e-mail. Do not take it seriously.

Older Feedback


From: Anthony
Message: (edited for length purposes)

thats a pretty cool page, and I do think you have some talent with creating 
such elaberate pictures and sayings. I have always hated muska for some 
strange reason and i do believe he gets a bit to much credit for the sh*t he
doesn. Even though you do have a lot of good shit to say i have some 
disagreements one of trhe disagreements is the way you catagorize blacks
and  whites, i dont think that it matters whether a black guy dresses in guccie 
shoes and pants, while a white guy dresses fubu, sags his pants to his nee's, 
that is just my opinion and i have all the respect in the world for your 
opinion.  i  thank you for taking the time to read thi e-mail and i wish you 
luck with future web projects. 

Click here to read the whole letter

Reply: This was another example of constructive feedback. Some Muska fans have a hard time grasping this concept, but then again, they like Muska so can we really blame them? See answer below.

Click here to read the whole letter


From: Anonymous
Message: CHAD MUSKA IS BETTER THAN                           EVERYONE
Reply: Wow. That was profound. Sometimes I think the gene pool of Muska's fans is a tad shallow.


From: Anonymous
Message: (edited for length purposes)

Muska does suck! He is good but he is a major pot head! 
wonder what is making the prices go up? Maybe, maybe
Georges smirk? no... Him driving a huge truck of gas while he's
drunk and then crashing it! no.... BECAUSE HE"S 
PRESIDENT!! I don't remember this junk  happening during the 
Clinton administration! I might be 10, but I  know a LOT more
than most Republican adults do! LOL!!!

Click here to read the whole letter

Reply: Question answered in below link.

Click here to read the whole letter


From:  Anonymous
Message: whell see now i  kinda understand i wasnt going to say anything but your 
muska bio was accually funny man.yes  the muska is good i guess have you herd 
anything about him dieing or something like that? i dont know i herd it but i 
dont know       later guy
Reply: I appreciate the kind words. It's good to see some people have the maturity to admit they're wrong. I haven't heard anything about Muska dying... He was just in my city and no, I did not try to assasinate him. I think the whole "death to Muska" thing was a bit over the top. I didn't really mean it, and I don't really wish any harm to Chad. Well, maybe a little. 

Seriously though, from what I understand Chad is doing well and currently touring doing some sort of skateboarding tour or something. I could be wrong, but from all accounts the Muska is doing well and continuing to represent for middle-income, suburban shitheads everywhere. That includes me.


From: Angus
Message: (edited for length purposes)

hey man u gotta real creative mind. 

im white, i live in detroit, i listen to rap and i skate. are you going to 
call me a wigger? i dont think chads trying to be anything hes just having 
fun and living it up. and the whole thing with chad holding a boom box while 
going down a rail was just a trick not some pathetic act. i dont know why you 
have to dedicate an entire page to dissing someone.  anyways, i think you have 
some talent in constructing web pages, your pretty good at it, so dont let it go
to waste. instead of dissing muska why dont you  make  a page dissing gore or 
clinton, id bet you get a better response. but  good page, except for the whole
muska sucks think. ill be  sure to check out ur sight to see if you put up my feed 


Click here to read the whole letter

Reply: This was an excellent e-mail and decided to post the reply and message on another page seeing as how I felt the message both deserved to be printed in it's entirety and because it deserved a proper response.

Click here to read the whole letter


From: Anonymosu
Message: Hey fool that site your wrote about hate on muska,whats your problem with 
him,is it  cuz you claim hes a wigger wow he listins to rap music oh whell 
that makes people wiggers now that cant be the reason your mad . why is it 
becuse hes all succsessfull and your still all unnoticed by anyone there i 
dont even feel like writing to your jealus ass anymore.(yes there are lots of 
spelling errors in there but ya know what i really dont care becuse you 
critising me means nothing there pal)
Reply: How about you read the FAQ section, hey pal? 

Question 6: You're racist! You hate rap! What do you listen to? Backstreet Boys?

Answer: Backstreet Boys? I'm more of an N' Sync guy myself. Seriously though, I don't hate rap. Rap has never been and never will be my preferred style of music but that doesn't mean I hate it. A lot of my friends like rap and I have no problem with that. It's when you start doing 50-50's while holding a boom box and a backwards hat that I have a problem. As for the racist accusation, I don't consider myself racist. Maybe I am. I just believe in being yourself. If you're white - be proud to be white! If you're brown - be proud to be brown! If you're a lesbian - be proud to be a lesbian! (And send me a videotape.) Some people try to be something they're not and it's sad to see. I don't think white people should wear FUBU, I don't think white people should rap and I don't think white people should say n*gger. It's wrong. I'm not saying you can't or that it should be illegal, I just don't think you should. Be yourself and, to quote Kareem, "Keep it honest." If being myself makes me a racist, then I'm guilty as charged.

Hope that answers your question.


From: Great Milenko
Message: wat the **uck were u thinking wen u rote  "death to the muska" ur just
jealous u dumb f***ing a**hole .hes the best skater of the nineties  and ur
jealous u scum.......hope u dye not muska
Reply: ICP listener I see? Good to know I'm not the only one :) Well, I'm sorry you don't agree with my views. That's too bad. If you had read the rest of my page, as you obviously haven't, you would read the party where I said, in the FAQ section, and I quote:

Question 2: You think you're pretty good, huh? I bet you can't do shit.

Answer: You're right. I can't. I don't even skateboard. Keep in mind, however, I never said I could nor do I deny the skating abilities of Chad or yourself. It's more of a persona thing I'm attacking and not his actual skating abilties.

As you can see, I never said Muska was a bad skater. Maybe you should know your information before you launch needless and silly insults. By the way, have some balls. You don't need to censor fuck. We are mature people aren't we? 

I should die? I like to think that most of us die, unless of course you're Budhist and believe in reincarnation in which case I might have actually tooken your comment seriously. Any ways, I just hope in the future you think your message out better before you say something so silly. Seriously though, have a good day and God bless.

   But wait, I do get positive feedback!

From: Ec316
Message: Hey im with u Muska SUX!
Reply: Good to know I'm not alone. I hope you enjoyed the site and didn't simply read the title. Believe it or not, a lot of hard work went, and continues to go, into this site. Take care,



From: Alec
Message: Hey, 
      I just want to say that your page is awesome!! 


Reply: Thank you, I appreciate the kind words. It's always good to know that your work is appreciated.


I have quite a bit more and I'll be sure to add it shortly. In the mean time, take care and God bless!

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