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Frequently Asked Questions


I made this section in case you have any questions concerning me or the Muska himself.

New Questions

New Questions # 1: Why are you always saying, "God Bless"? Are you Christian or something?

Answer: This question is a bit tricky. It's also a bit personal, but I figure I owe it to all the people who visit this page to give you an answer. I am not a Christian. There, it's out. That's not to say I hate Christians or that I don't know people who are Christians, only that I myself am not Christian. I do not, on the other hand, feel I owe you an explenation for this, nor do I owe you any information as to why I'm not Christian. If you must know I am an agnostic. For those of you who don't know what that means, it basically means this: I am unsure about the existance of God or multiple gods. So basically, when I say, "God Bless", I'm not really saying, "God Bless" in referal to the Christian god, I'm referring to a neutral god as to offend no one. That's that and I end it there.

New Question # 2: You often bring up political issues on your page, what's with that?

Answer: Actually, I don't. People write me about politics (God knows why) and I respond to those questions. I myself find politics and religion to be very interesting both from an economic stance and a morallistic stance. As far as my political affiliation goes, I consider that also to be private. Anyone who labels themselves as something, whether Democrat, Liberal or Reform, is pretty silly. I mean that's basically throwing your vote away by voting for the same party every time regardless of the issues at hand. Loyal voters are dumb voters. Vote for what you feel is right, not whoever has the nicer smile.

New Question # 3: This page is getting pretty serious all of a sudden.

Yeah, well, it's a serious world.

New Question # 4: You sometimes bring up Canadian things. Are you Canadian?

Answer: Canadian? Hell no! I'm not one of those seal-eating, moose-hunting, igloo-living, army-less ingrates! How dare you insult me like that?! To answer your question, yes, I am Canadian.

Older Questions

Question 1: Why do you hate Chad Muska so much?

Answer: I don't really. I made this page not so much as an insult for Chad but a message for his fans. If you like Muska - good for you. Just don't follow him because everyone else is doing the same.

Question 2: You think you're pretty good, huh? I bet you can't do shit.

Answer: You're right. I can't. I don't even skateboard. Keep in mind, however, I never said I could nor do I deny the skating abilities of Chad or yourself. It's more of a persona thing I'm attacking and not his actual skating abilties.

Question 3: Have you played Tony Hawk 2?

Answer: Yes, and it's the greatest game ever.

Question 4: My friend says you're a dork.

Answer: You like Chad Muska.

Question 5: Do you hate skateboarding in general?

Answer: Nothing could be further from the truth! I have loads of respect for skateboarders. They are some of the most talented athletes in the world. I just think that Chad has a bit of an ego problem and, who knows, maybe this site will bring him back to earth?

Question 6: You're racist! You hate rap! What do you listen to? Backstreet Boys?

Answer: Backstreet Boys? I'm more of an N' Sync guy myself. Seriously though, I don't hate rap. Rap has never been and never will be my preferred style of music but that doesn't mean I hate it. A lot of my friends like rap and I have no problem with that. It's when you start doing 50-50's while holding a boom box and a backwards hat that I have a problem. As for the racist accusation, I don't consider myself racist. Maybe I am. I just believe in being yourself. If you're white - be proud to be white! If you're brown - be proud to be brown! If you're a lesbian - be proud to be a lesbian! (And send me a videotape.) Some people try to be something they're not and it's sad to see. I don't think white people should wear FUBU, I don't think white people should rap and I don't think white people should say n*gger. It's wrong. I'm not saying you can't or that it should be illegal, I just don't think you should. Be yourself and, to quote Kareem, "Keep it honest." If being myself makes me a racist, then I'm guilty as charged.

Question 7: That was a long question.

Answer: That it was.

Question 8: Street or vert?

Answer: Vert, but I do appreciate both.

Question 9: You're queer.

Answer: Good for you.

Question 10: Who are your favorite skateboarders?

Answer: Jamie Thomas, Rune Glifberg
, Rodney Mullen and Kareem Campbell to name a few.

Question 11: Isn't Kareem just as bad as Chad?

Answer: Kareem is black. He isn't pretending to be something he's not.

Question 12: Me and my friends are gonna kick your ass! The Muska rulz!!!

Answer: Represent.

Question 13: How long is this F.A.Q. going to be?

Answer: I don't know. Not much longer.

Question 14: What type of music do you listen to?

Answer: Anything and everything. I do like punk, ska, metal and emo especially though.

Question: Have you heard Muska's rap album?

Answer: Sadly, yes.

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