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A Tribute to Walter Koenig

ISBN 1-4196-0377-9

"A Tribute to Walter Koenig: A Reference:" was written in honor of a great actor and fine friend.

It is due time for Walter to receive the ultimate in honors that can be bestowed upon an actor - a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I urge all fans to draw together and support Walter in seeing that he receives what he so rightly deserves. Please visit the website set up for this great endeavor. Click on the link below.

The "Moon-Houldson Foundation" is proud to support PlanetXpo and other organizations in the work that is being undertaken to see that Walter gets his star.

Please click on the listed link which will take you to Moon-Houldson's main webpage where you can learn more about the other great books that she has written and to learn about what is to come.

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Help Walter get his Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
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