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Starfleet Judge Advocate Generalís Corps

The Judge Advocate General Corps of Starfleet is responsible for various internal tasks key to the smooth working of Starfleet. They include:

* Starfleet Legal Assastance (SFLFA)
* Starfleet Claims Service (SFRCS)
* Starfleet Trial Defense Service (SFTDS)
The following information will aid and assist all members of Starfleet in the understanding of SFJAG and operations there within.

Judge Advocate Generalís Corps Mission:

To provide competent and timely legal support on the full range of issues affecting Starfleet and the well-being of its Officers and Enlisted members.

Judge Advocate General’s Corps Vision:

One legal team--competent, confident, caring, and courageous, grounded in values, committed to justice, and totally integrated in Starfleet.

Judge Advocate General’s Corps Divisions:

Starfleet Claims Service (SFRCS)
Starfleet Trial Defense Service (SFTDS)
Starfleet Legal Assastance (SFLFA)

Referance Notes for Starfleet and UFP Citizens:

Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)


For questions and or information, contact Tyralia Montan at: