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Jupiter.  Top, with the Great Red Spot visible.  Middle, with 3 of its moons visible.  Bottom, shadow transit of Callisto on Jupiter. Three moons are visible, from left, Europa, Io and Callisto.


Image info

Telescope:  Skywatcher 8" f/5 Newtonian

Focus:  Prime focus with 2x Barlow (top and bottom), no Barlow (centre)

Camera:  SAC7B, uncooled

Exposure:  unrecorded

Date:  Jan 2003

Processing:  Top and centre acquired in Astrovideo as FITS.  Stacked in Iris.  Top image increased in size and resolution using the drizzle technique in Iris.  Bottom image aquired in K3CCDTools and stacked in Registax.


Top image is a bit fuzzy, I suspect because my Barlow is of poor quality.

The bottom image was a result of some experimentation in Registax.  The wavelet processing feature brought out good detail in the image, but the resulting image is, in my opinion, a bit artificial looking.

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