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These images are from a converted webcam, the SAC7B, which I got at the beginning of 2002.  I have now started using a Canon EOS 300D DSLR, which I got in mid 2004.  Images from the Canon are in the DSLR Gallery.   The SAC7 is still in use, but now as an autoguider.

I have a special interest in how the objects shown here relate to the universe as a whole.  So on the SAC7 pages there is a chart showing, on a log scale, how far away the object is.  Between the closest object (the Moon) and the farthest there are 18 orders of magnitude.  In comparison, there are 10 orders of magnitude between the size of humans and the atom, and another 8 between humans and the distance to the moon.  So the Earth-Moon system bears the same relationship to the universe, as the atom does to it.

In order for these images to be displayed properly, adjust your monitor so that all of the gradations of black to white in the following chart are distinguishable, especially the two darkest shades.  Generally monitor contrast should be set as high as is consistent with comfortable viewing, and then the brightness adjusted.  The darkest shade should appear black.

SAC7B Images

The Solar System

The Moon Venus Mars Jupiter
Saturn Uranus Pluto  

Our Galaxy

The Orion Nebula, M42 M43 The Eagle Nebula, M16 The Pleaides, M45
NGC 1977 The Crab Nebula, M1 Globular Cluster, M3 The Ring Nebula, M57
The Trifid Nebula, M20 The Bug Nebula The Omega Nebula, M17 The Dumbell Nebula, M27
NGC 6888, The Crescent Nebula The Milky Way, with a digicam M8, The Lagoon Nebula  

Out to 100 mln light yrs

M51 NGC 5128, or Centaurus A. M83 M90
NGC 2997 M104, The Sombrero Galaxy The Antennae Galaxies NGC 3190, Trio of galaxies in Leo - 53 mln lyrs
M96 NGC 253 NGC 7331 NGC 6822, Barnard's Galaxy

More than 100 mln light yrs

NGC 3169 with supernova SN2003cg Coma Cluster of Galaxies Quasar, 13 bln lyrs away  

The Large Scale Structure of the Universe

An animation showing the large scale structure of the universe - data from 2dFGRS

(this page is large because of the animation)


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