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My name is Tan Thiam Guan (call me TG) and I live in Perth, Western Australia.  We've just moved back here after a few years in Malaysia and Singapore. 

Singapore was a challenging imaging location as it's a pretty urban place with heavily light polluted skies. My neighbourhood was quite heavily lit at night, which is important because I did all my imaging from my driveway.  Here's a photo of my neighbourhood.

Notice how bright the sky is!  There are nights when transparency is very good and the skies are mag 4 at the zenith, but we don't get too many of them.  Any high cloud or haze tends to reflect city lights and makes the conditions difficult for astro-photography.


I started imaging when we lived in the small seaside town of Miri, in the state of Sarawak, Malaysia.  Sarawak is on the island of Borneo, and is also known as the land of the hornbill.   To find out more about Miri and Sarawak, click here.  Miri also has great sunsets - here's one..

Miri has dark skies but being tropical, all that cloud made astronomy challenging...

I am an engineer and have a keen interest in computers, photography, and of course, astronomy.  Astro-imaging combines these interests very nicely.

My interest in astronomy started when I was a kid and watched the Apollo 11 landing.  I remember a special issue of Life magazine with beautiful pictures of the moon.

Thereafter, I had two ambitions.  To own a telescope, and a dishwasher.  Yes, I hated having to wash up.  I now have both - so dreams do come true.

My kids, unfortunately, do not share my interest in astronomy.  I think this is because they saw Jupiter (and Saturn) too early and did not have the chance to first read about it and spend some time wondering what it looked like in the flesh.

Here's me with my astro-imaging setup.

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