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This is an animation made from a subset of data taken from the 2 degree Field Galaxy Redshift Study.  Each dot in the image represents a galaxy within a wedge of sky covered by the survey.  Notice how galaxies clump into clusters as well as 'walls', sheet-like structures that span enormous distances.  There are also vast voids where galaxies are absent.  The length of this wedge is 4 bln light years.


Image info

The data from 2dFGRS was downloaded as text and parsed into Excel.  Redshifts were converted into distance using a Hubble constant of 70.  Then distance, RA and Dec coordinates were converted into x, y, z rectangular coordinates.  These were then written out to a text file in a format that could be plotted by Graph3D, a freeware 3d plotting program by R Hart.  BMP's from this program was converted in Adobe ImageReady into an animated GIF.

This animation needs quite a bit of processing power and may play better if it is saved to disk and displayed using eg. ACDSee.

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