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NGC2359, Thor's Helmet Nebula, in hydrogen alpha light.

A bubble-like nebula some 30 light-years across, blown by energetic winds from an extremely hot Wolf-Rayet star seen near the centre. Wolf-Rayet stars are rare massive blue giants which develop stellar winds with speeds of millions of kilometers per hour. Interactions with a nearby large molecular cloud are thought to have contributed to this nebula's more complex shape and curved bow-shock structures.  NGC 2359 is about 15,000 light-years distant in the constellation Canis Major.


Image info

Telescope:  Orion 80ED apochromatic refractor at f/7.5

Focus:  Prime focus

Filter:  Astronomik Hydrogen Alpha 13nm FWHM

Mount:  Vixen GPD with Skysensor2000

Camera:  Artemis 285 CCD camera

Guiding:  700mm refractor guidescope, SAC7 camera, autoguided with Guidedog software

Exposure:  Total 50 mins (10 x 300s)

Date:  20th Jan 2006

Processing:  Offset and flat fielding, registering and stacking done in IRIS.  No dark frames.  Curve stretching and Levels in Photoshop CS2.  Correction of slight trailing of stars.  Noise reduction in Neat Image.


One of the first images with the ART285 camera.  Good transparency, but windy.


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