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Galaxy NGC2997 in Antlia.  About 55 mln light years away.  Inclined about 45 degrees to our line of sight.

Image info

Telescope:  Celestron 9.25" Schimdt-Cassegrain at f/6.3

Focus:  Prime focus

Filter:  Celestron LPR

Mount:  Vixen GPD with Skysensor2000

Camera:  Modified Canon EOS 300D, at ISO400

Guiding:  700mm refractor guidescope, SAC7 camera, autoguided with Guidedog software

Exposure:  Total 60 mins (20 x 180s)

Date:  7th February 2005

Processing:  RAW file conversion, Offset and Dark subtraction, flat fielding, registering and stacking done in IRIS.  Curve stretching and colour saturation enhancement by Luminance Layering in Photoshop CS.  Bright stars were 'held back' in the curve stretching to prevent them bloating.


Processed using flats produced using the new light box.  The resulting background is now quite even, with little evidence of the colour fringing seen with previous flats.


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