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The Milky Way in Scorpius and Sagittarius, just above my horizon.  The tail of Scorpius is on the lower right.  We are looking in the direction of the centre of our own galaxy.  This region is rich with bright nebulae, among them the Lagoon (visible as a patch just above the brightest part of the Milky Way) , Trifid and Omega.

Image info

Telescope:  none

Focus:  Equivalent to SLR 35mm lens

Camera:  Canon A70 digital camera, at ASA400, mounted on my EQ5 mount

Exposure:  19 x 15s 

Date:  1st August 2003

Processing:  GRGB image - the Green image had the least noise.  Acquired in JPEG, batch converted to BMP in Znview, stacked in Iris, exported as RAW to Photoshop.  Curve manipulation and final LRGB in Photoshop.


A very noisy image!


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