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M1, the Crab Nebula in Taurus. Remnant of the supernova explosion of July 1054 AD. At the heart of the nebula is a pulsar, the neutron star that remains from the original star.  The Crab pulsar rotates 30 times per second.


Image info

Telescope:  Skywatcher 8" f/5 Newtonian

Focus:  Prime focus

Camera:  SAC7B, uncooled

Exposure:  109 x 30s

Date:  7th Dec 2002

Processing:  Acquired in Astrovideo as FITS.  Stacked in Iris.  Colour saturation enhanced using Multiple Luminance Layering.


The colour was not visible at all even in the stacked image.  Only after multiple iterations of colour saturation enhancement did the variations in colour appear.  The balance is a little too green - evidenced by some green stars.

The longer than usual individual frame exposures meant a larger number of trailed frames, so I made a sub-selection of better frames, and used the less trailed stars from that to composite back into the main image.

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