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Galaxies NGC 3193, 3190, 3187 in Leo.  Three galaxy types in one image!  NGC 3193 is an elliptical, NGC 3190 is a tightly wound spiral with a prominent dust lane and the dim galaxy NGC 3187 is a barred spiral.  About 60 mln light years away.


Image info

Telescope:  Skywatcher 8" f/5 Newtonian

Focus:  Prime focus

Camera:  SAC7B, uncooled

Exposure:  184 x 25s

Date:  4th March 2003

Processing:  Acquired in K3CCDTools as AVI.  Stacked in Iris.  YRGB image, composited in Photoshop.  Colour enhanced using Multiple Luminance Layering.


The galaxy on the right was much dimmer than the other two, so its image had a separate histogram stretch done in Photoshop before being composited back into the man image.  I was pleased that the striking differences in colour in the galaxies showed up.

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