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Centre of the Lagoon Nebula, M8 in Sagittarius, named for the dark lane of dust crossing it.  An active star forming region 5000 light years away toward the centre of our galaxy.  A remarkable feature of this nebula is the presence of dark nebulae, some of which are visible in this image, thought to be collapsing proto-stellar clouds.

Image info

Telescope:  Skywatcher 8" f/5 Newtonian

Focus:  Prime focus

Camera:  SAC7B, uncooled

Exposure:  Mosaic of 2 images each 72 & 53 x 25s 

Date:  30th July 2003

Processing:  The usual YRGB processing, with the subtraction of a 'banding flat' (see the Advanced Processing page) to remove fine banding noise from both images in the mosaic.


A very bright nebula, imaged on a beautiful clear night.  The right part of the mosaic had the fewer frames and it shows somewhat in the lack of depth.


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