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The bug in the tail of the scorpion.  Planetary nebula NGC 6302, or the Bug Nebula in Scorpius.  The central star seems to have ejected material in two distinct directions.  The high rate of expansion of 400 m/s suggests a more violent beginning for this nebula than is usually the case.  Distance is estimated to be just 2000 light yrs.


Image info

Telescope:  Skywatcher 8" f/5 Newtonian

Focus:  Prime focus

Camera:  SAC7B, uncooled

Exposure:  84 x 25s 

Date:  30th June 2003

Processing:  The usual YRGB processing, except that the subtraction of a 'banding flat' (see the Advanced Processing page) was done to remove fine banding noise.


This image was caught in an hour of clear, transparent sky between cloudy spells and in a period where the sky hadn't been clear for weeks.  The new technique to remove fine banding was very necessary and worked well here.

Luminance layering was done to bring out star colours.


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