Tanris Monthy Madness!!!

November, 2003
Dolphin off the Southern coast on Driantis.
Important events

Election Day November 2nd
Veteran's Day *We support our troops* November 11th
TURKEY DAY (Thanksgiving) November 27th

Webmistress Commentary

So the Newsletter died for a few months. I think the last recorded Newsletter was in June. That's all right because I moved it around and did some swapping and now it has its own little home on the Tanris website. I, Amanda, will now write most of this Newsletter. And if there is any commentary about anything then there will be information on where you can send items for the Newsletter. All items sent will be considered for the newsletter unless I find them inappropriate, then again, what do I find inappropriate? The newsletter will also just be based off the different planets for a while and then may go into depth on important events. I look forward to hearing from all of you on how the website is turning out. Remember, it was started to help involve everyone.

Guild News

Ah yes, the guild news. The dreaded guild news that Amanda always seems to remind you all about. Well. Driantis has been growing in guild size. A celebration of the second anniversary of the guild’s birth will be celebrated on Saturday, November 8th. It will be an all day celebration. The guild was actually created October 10th, 2001. But because of some recent events, I was unable to send out information for the celebration. The guild originally started out as a category guild and, because of one of the phases of one of the members, has turned more into a dating reality show (WE LOVE YOU TY!!!). In light of this great event, a new planet will be posting its application for its fighting guild. The planet of Drocarnach will be applying for its fighters. Drocarnach is a fighter only planet and therefore no other type is recommended to apply for this guild… sorry guys. Those fighters just need some time to themselves.


Drocarnach Anger Starts Guild
Royalty Charged With Adultery on Atnas
Beast Terrorizes Driantis
Old Driantis Resurrected
New Planets Discovered

New section on minutes of meetings.


Anger of the animals on Drocarnach leaded in a dragon tournament that lasted all of last weekend. Out of the three hundred dragons that signed up for the event, thirteen of them survived without a scratch, twenty-seven died from severe wounds and thirteen died after the tournament. This weekend the cats and dogs plan to go at it to see who is the strongest of them all. Over the next few weeks there will be many tournaments with all the different beasts on the planet to “weed out the weaklings”. The idea of this tournament idea is to start animal kingdoms throughout the planet so that they can build mini guilds lead by the strongest of the animals. Unfortunately, because there is currently no humans (or human-type figures) that live on the planet, there is no allegiance to Driantis and has posed a risk.

Atnas Naber

There has been no new news from Atnas Naber. Many have been concerned over the situation that may be occurring over on Atnas Naber and have considered sending over a party to evaluate the situation of the royalty there. They believe there may be an act of adultery or “foul play” occurring on the pure planet and would like to fix whatever may be fixed and extinguish anything that may be making a negative impact on the planet. Detectives understand that like all planets, Atnas Naber will eventually encounter a negative act but because of the planets importance in its livestock and wildlife, it is hoped that as much negativity can be spared so that many of the species of animals can continue to thrive there.
As for the guild life of Atnas Naber, one has not been established yet only because of the unstability of the royalty living there. After the investigation of the allegations, the royalty will be trained and/or replaced with the necessary items needed to lead the people of Atnas Naber to a guild raising state. No date has been set for the beginning of a guild and a foundation has not been discussed. Even though this is the case, Atnas Naber seems to continue to live peaceful lives.


Life has been semi-peaceful on Driantis with the exception of a few things. The royalty was threatened with a mind beast supposably passed on by the prince Arthur Ovin Aldebaran who returned a short while ago. The only information that has been acquired about the beast is that it takes control of the victim’s body and mind shutting the person’s soul away. The beast is passed on by blood contact, which can include small scrapes that barely bleed. Arthur had attacked Griffin in the attempt to kill him and in doing so was attacked by Griffin’s current housemate Spring. Spring acquired the beast and then fell into a deep sleep. Even though the beast was eventually killed, extreme caution should be taken when walking in the woods or treating wounds. Until the source is found and killed, anyone can have and pass on this mental beast.
A new addition to the guild is expected to come into the world soon. Jessica Dawn Sage, who has been pregnant for “longer than need be”, is expected to give birth to a boy within the next few weeks. Because of situations within the guild and the beast listed above, she has not decided where she will be staying in the after math… The boy has not been named yet although it has been talked about. Wish her luck within the next few days as she may need it.

A man named Michael Pendragon has recently invaded the old planet of Driantis. His reasons for getting on the old planet are unknown. There has been word of a band of bandits running through all the land terrorizing the people who lived peacefully there for many years. An army was seen forming in the old ruin of the castle Yule. It is unknown if or which band Pendragon may be leading and if he is leading a band. An unknown man has been sent to the planet to watch over things and give update to the royalty of Driantis in order to inform them of any changes on the planet. Caution is given to any travelers who plan to travel to the old planet any time soon.

New planets were found in the outer region of the galaxy Tanris. They have yet to be explored and there is no information on their inhabitants or plant life. Search parties will be assigned to search out these new planets and to report back on whether or not these planets are inhabitable or not.

The royalty of Driantis will start having a meeting one day of every month, most likely to occur the first week or first couple weeks of the month starting hopefully in December. This has been decided on because as the guild of Driantis grows, we grow to other planets. Ambassadors to the different planets will also be chosen from these planets which have formed a peace treaty with Driantis and they will also be joining in these meetings at later days. The first meeting will consist of the royal members; Tracio, Tarak, Eilantha, Jessica, Lysanda, Garrett, Griffin, and Arthur. This meeting will occur mid November. The first meeting in December will involve; Arlan, Cassey, Lily, Arthur, Juluilia, Griffin, Eilantha, Tracio, Lael, Adam, Jessica, Tarak, Lysanda, and Garrett. Any others who are of the royal four who have not been included in this list are by all means included in this meeting. A date and, hopefully, a time will be set for all the members to come together and will be sent out in an email. If you have any days or times in which you know for sure you are unable to be online to attend this meeting, and you are one of the ones listed, please send me a notice and I will write it down as a time not to have the meeting. All those listed will be expected to attend unless I am forwarned of an absence.

Looking for a job? The Tanris Royal Stables on Driantis is currently hiring for barn staff. Interested? IM Driantisdragon.
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This month contest is recruiting. With Driantis's guild growing and a new guild starting, recruiting is the next best thing to taking captives *smiles*. This month, the person who sends the most recruits my way gets to have an article on the human behind the characters the person plays. An optional interview of their main characters is also possible.

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