Tanris Monthy Madness!!!

June, 2004
What do we do when it all comes to and end?
Important events

Webmistress Commentary

I've been sitting here thinking about bringing the guild back up unfortunately I have had nothing to start it up again. Although because things have been getting a little bit easier for me (with getting a job and getting things worked out between me and a few important members of my life), I've finally been able to sit down and start organizing the guild back up again. Unfortunately I know that the guild has fallen apart pretty bad and picking it back up will be a hard thing to do. Although I'm looking forward to the whole Role Playing community under Tanris to prosper into something that will be enjoyable for many people.

Guild News

So with the down time of the guild came lots of members which I have been unable to contact and/or have stopped rping all together. I'm not to worried about getting new members to role play with us. I'm actually more interested in defining all the different parts of our lovely system and making some sort of foundation... yeah thats it.




Atnas Naber


Looking for a job? The Tanris Royal Stables on Driantis is currently hiring for barn staff. Interested? IM Driantisdragon.
Interested in a little fun? The Moulin Rouge is serving spirits every night after 9:00 P.M. Pacific Time.
Like horses? The Tanris stables is selling some of their favored horses soon. You may want to visit their website if your interested. Contest for the Month

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