Tanris Monthy Madness!!!

December, 2003
So the newsletters back, but no one responded to it... Thats kinda sad you guys. *tear*
Dolphin off the Southern coast on Driantis.
Important events

December 1st, International AIDS Awareness Day
December 22nd, Winter Begins AKA Yule(We love you Victoria, Don't kill us please)
December 25, Christmas
December 31, New Years Eve.

Webmistress Commentary

Okay so I realized the color of the text in the old newsletters was kinda hard to read and decided to change it. Hopefully this one is better? I hope so because I was half awake when I picked that color and I can read it. So if you can't, Y'alls blind! After having a rather long (and probably boring) talk with my aunt Donna, I've gotten this new thing with getting this website up and going so you might want to check in everyonce in a while to see if there is anything new. You might get shocked or something. Or something... So yeah. Enjoy and remember I'm making this for you.

Guild News

So these guild things, I've noticed that we don't DO guild things anymore. Like guilds, don't they get together for meetings and everything. How come that doesn't happen? BECAUSE DRIANTIS ISN'T A GUILD!!!! Thats right. Starting the first of December, Driantis will no longer have a guild. Instead all the guild members will have their own guilds on the different planets. The fighters belong to Drocarnach and so forth. Although I haven't really dubbed all the places yet so I'm working on that part. (I Love you Tasha, Don't Kill me) Not only that but tournaments will be occuring and the such so. The rules still apply for all applicants on all the worlds because even though the guilds are on the different worlds, they are still part of Driantis. So if you don't want to talk to someone, don't invite them... What that has to do with anything... I don't know.


Drocarnach Gets Guild Application Up
Atnas Finally Shows on the Map
Chaos in Driantis
Where oh Where did Dark Driantis Go?

New section on minutes of meetings.


So Drocarnach finally has its Fighting guild application up. All fighters will have their profiles filtered over to the new website (more work for me woo hoo). If you haven't updated your profile in quite some time, this might be the time to do it. Starting the first of the year new members will be able to join the guild. About the end of February there will be a Fighters meeting where we will be getting together to discuss the name of the fighters guild and the possible leader of the guild. The guild leader will be determind by the opinions the people have about the person and the experience the person has as a fighter NOT on how cute their character is... so don't even go there. Profiles will make a very big difference on how you are chosen so if you think that you could update your profile, I suggest you do so.

Atnas Naber

Atnas Naber has finally got at least one link on its website. I'm working on it yous guys so give me some time. I haven't really decided what guild will be posted here but I'm seriously thinking it should be Cleric just because I like clerics... And because this is a new world, I'm looking for any people who are willing to be here on this world. Also... If you have any suggestions, I'm open to them. My mind has walls and it kinda hurts when you run into a brick wall so many times... if you know what I mean. *wink wink* So help me out guys. If you know anyone who would be a good cleric let me know because I think we have... one... so... Go hunting!


Driantis has become semi-chaotic. Don't ask how or why, I dunno. All I know is that there are some things happening and some decisions that need to be made and Victoria is pounding me on the head and telling me to work on the website. So. I'm trying you Driantisites..... wow... I couldn't do that again. Anyway, As of right now there is no one on the throne in the North and because of Jessica's buldge, theres no one on the throne in the East. Because Eilantha's blind she can't really watch all of the west (sorry tash but its true) and I don't know about the south. So I must remind you all and stress that bringing people into the chat rooms right now is intolerable and there will be heavy consiquences for those who do so... you have been warned.

So yeah, there are new planets and there are the old ones like the old realm of Driantis. Don't be shocked if one day you go to the website and WHAM!!! There's another world on there. Driantis's website is actually almost done *gasps from the audience in shock*. Yes I know its hard to believe but it's almost done and once its finished I will have to focus my attention on some other planet until that one is done. But you all know me. I have to have a hand full of projects going at once. So while I'm focusing on one place, another one will be opening up. So, like I said before, keep updated with the website. You never know when something might just POP up.

Because no one let me know of the days that they were going to do the meeting, I have set the first meeting day in December. That day is Wednesday the 17th. The people who will be involved with this meeting are; Tarak, Tracio, Griffin, Garrett, Eilantha, Lysanda, and Jessica. If there is a time you think you could be online for one hour, PLEASE let me know so that I can email the times to everyone else so we can be online at the same time and have this meeting. This is VERY IMPORTANT and I will also be sending out an email about it on the first to remind you of it. If you work, please find some time when you don't work so we can get this going. I understand that work comes before the guild but we need to have some sort of connection. We are supposed to be the leaders of this galaxy... are we not? I'm marking my calander, mark yours.

Looking for a job? The Tanris Royal Stables on Driantis is currently hiring for barn staff. Interested? IM Driantisdragon.
Interested in a little fun? The Moulin Rouge is serving spirits every night after 9:00 P.M. Pacific Time.
Like horses? The Tanris stables is selling some of their favored horses soon. You may want to visit their website if your interested. Contest for the Month

This month contest is recruiting. With Driantis's guild growing and a new guild starting, recruiting is the next best thing to taking captives *smiles*. This month, the person who sends the most recruits my way gets to have an article on the human behind the characters the person plays. An optional interview of their main characters is also possible.

Got any questions, comments or an article you would like displayed in next months issue? Contact Amanda Anderson at and I will try to get it in as soon as possible. Thank you for taking time to read this months newsletter.