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Star Wars Big Crochet/Square Grid Charts

I’ve charted the big crochet patterns to fit onto a 60 by 60 grid; double the size of the other squares so if you match gauge for the smaller patterns, you can mix these together. I've tried to get them down to the smaller size, but they didn't even vaguely resemble their characters, so I thought doubling them would be next, and if not that then quadrupled. So far, doubling seems to be working, but some more complex images may pop up in the quad size as I continue playing with Design-A-Knit.

You can always use these charts for larger single items like a child's sweater front. I envision a child's sweater with his/her fave character with their name underneath (the character, not the child that's too dangerous these days) either in English or in Aurabesh for diehard fans who can read it.

hanc, leiac, and lukec are © 2008 Leah Fenton and may not be sold or used to make items for sale.

The Heroes section starts with some OT characters, Han, Leia, and Luke. They are shown in camo clothing they were wearing on Endor, but you can use colors other than green if you want their clothes to be different; the cut and style of Luke's reminds me of his clothes from ESB, so it could also be done in grays.

Please note that for some reason the web page doesn't display the chart lines properly; it looks like some are missing. However, on testing my page, I found that when saving images locally, they displayed properly when looking at them using Irfan view.


Hanc, you gotta love a scoundrel turned hero.


Leiac ever the stylish Princess even in battle gear.


Lukec shows a well grown farmboy from Tatooine coming into his own as a Jedi.