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The Favorite things about STS

The Stuff


this site is dedicated to one of the greatest web comics ever: STS (star trek shorts) which is created by the genius known as raldok WARNING: im about to get mushy on you guys now i would like to talk about how much i apperciate raldok... he's a kind man, always there to help a friend, all-knowing, all-powerfull,and..... some other all words a creative genius who's as smart as he is weird with the weird liking for hamsters some one who seems like the older brother that you always wanted (you know the kind that helps you with you problems instead of beating the crap out of you) all and all a all around good man. now time for the comic, the comic is one of the funnist i've ever read in my none improtant life the cast is a wacy gang that makes me evan feel smart (me feel smart thats like a mircale man) the cast at the moment would be U. N. known, John doe, Jane doe, k-lee, red, bluu, and madman so sence i don't feel like giving an secertes away (like i know any)go and check out the site (evan thou this may be link to the site and you just came from the)or go to the message board to talk to the fans and raldok p.s. if you have any thing you want me to add to this site on the favrite things list or on the box for raldok to see e-mail me or im it to me and i'll put it here and and sign your name under it e-mail me at weasel