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 4th Anniversary Celebration Quiz -KARWAR

1.Who is our  current Finance Minister of India

Manmohan Singh     Abdul Kalam Sonia GandhiP Chidambaram

2.Name the city  that is rated as  the most expensive city   in the world

New York                Mumbai             Shanghai       Chennai

3.Name the Indian, known for his breathless singing,currently? 

Hariharan  S.P Balasubramaniam Shankar MahadevanAbijeet

4.Name the Indian economist  who won the noble prize award. 

Abdul Kalam Amartya Sen Indira GhandhiMother Theresa

5.If tomorrow's today is Saturday, what is day after tomorrows yesterday? 

Friday Saturday SundayMonday

6.Name the mountain ranges known as Blue Mountains? 

Himalayas Nilgiri Hills AlpsVindhayas

7.A Soldier standing to attention & facing west, was given the order: Right turn, About turn, Left turn. Which direction was he facing at the end ? 

North South EastWest

8.Name the scientist who invented the Web  ? 

Bill gates Charles Babbage Tim Kimberly Ken thompson

9.What is the latest invention in Wireless communication technology ? 

Fibre Optic Blue tooth GPRSCDMA

10.Name the first Electronic computer used by Human beings ? 

IBM Eniac DelHp

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Rules & Regulations:
1 To participate in the quiz select the right option from the 10 questions and type your Name, Date Of Birth, Address, Telephone Number  & Press the Submit button.
2 Only completed entries will be considered for prizes
3 All are welcome to participate but each participant can send only one entry.
4 Decision of the judging committee will be final and binding.
5 SSI employees and relatives cannot participate in this competition
6 Quiz open to residents of Karwar taluka only. 
7 The last date for this quiz is on 15 July, 2004.
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Revised: July 06, 2004 .