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The White Flames

Brother Lenox surveyed the scene below him with disgust. For ten months now the Orks had kept coming with no sign of slowing. This Waaagh was the biggest Lenox had ever heard of, save Armageddon. The Orks had broken every defense line and fortress on Salen except for this final one, the Fortress Monastery high on Mt. Roboute. Looking down at the slopes of the mountain the only thing outnumbering the Ork bodies were the Orks climbing the slopes.

Lenox inspected the last surviving Marines around him they looked battered and tired. Chaplain Morphyus was moving among the ranks with the apothecaries. How could this be all that was left of his once noble chapter? A few squads of marines, most of the Elite Terminators of the 1st company, and the last surviving dreadnought that contained the body of brother Crisus.

Well the Orks would not find this position so easily overtaken thought Lenox. A few stray shells were now reaching up from the latest Ork attempt to scale the mountain. Silently Lenox gave the signal and the marines slipped inside the Monastery, as the doors slammed shut a rumbling was heard as the carefully planned land slides were set loose by the scouts on the slopes.

Brother Trion looked around at his fellow scouts and checked that they were all in position. One mistake could cost the chapter its life. But of course all were in their positions. This was the most promising group of recruits Trion had commanded in years. His squad had been responsible for traps all across the planet and now the last natural trap was being executed. Trion looked down to see the brother marines entering the Monastery. As the doors closed the scouts began to let their carefully planned trap spring into action. First on the edges of the hoard then moving inward onto the Orks the rocks tumbled down the hill. Trion watched as hundreds of Orks at a time were swept away by the landslide. The greenskins were running in all directions trying to evade the rocks but to no avail. Trion smiled grimly, the trap had worked perfectly.

Chaplain Morphyus looked expectantly at the last unsealed door in an inner room of the Monastery. The scouts had not yet returned from the slopes even though the rumbling had stopped long before. If he knew Trion he was setting a few last surprises for the Orks to make entry that much more difficult. Looking around Morphyus knew why Lenox had chosen this room as their final position. Behind the high vaulted doors on the south wall was the chapter’s most precious treasure, their gene seed. On all the walls were walkways that would serve as firing positions and weeks of supplies were already piled in the back. And within the labyrinth like Fortress it could take weeks to find this room, by then help should have arrived, granted the messengers got out of orbit. Suddenly footsteps were heard coming up the passage, guns were raised then lowered as the scouts emerged from the doorway.

Trion walked up to Lenox 'the trap worked sir, the greenskins who couldn't run were thrown back down the mountain.' 'Good job Trion that should buy some more time for reinforcements to arrive.' Lenox then walked off to sit and think. With the Orks back down the mountain that should give them another day or two before they were found. 'Seal the door' Lenox ordered trusting their fate to the thunderhawk that was sent to get help.

Kaptin Bigteef sat in the bridge of his Kill Kroozer watching the planet below. The Space Marine defenses had been swept away by his fleet and the hundreds of landin pods were sent to the planet. Soon the whole planet would belong to warlord BigClawz. 'Kaptin, 'yelled a mechboy, 'there's a ship comin from the planet.' 'What kind of ship?' shouted Bigteef. 'It be a Thunderhawk' 'Well send out the fighta-bommerz, and tell the other shipz to send em out too.'

'Brother Ouzel we got fighta-bommerz coming from the Ork ships' reported brother Friskos. 'Try to evade them as much as possible and shoot down what we have to, there's no time for this we have to get help fast.' The Ork ships moved to block the Thunderhawks escape but one of the crudely built ships suddenly swung to the left smashing into another ship and causing massive confusion in the Ork fleet giving the marines time to escape and find help.

The Shouts of the Orks were getting louder and Lenox knew they had been found. For almost three weeks the sounds of the Orks rampaging around them had filled their ears. Brother Trion's traps had kept the Orks weary for a while but now they were just angry. The Men knew the time had come and were getting in position as Lenox had instructed them. The Terminators took up position near the door with Brother Crisus' Dreadnought and the marines took up firing positions on the walls around the room. Then the door seal started to crumble and an Ork power claw smashed through.

BigClawz looked around the room at his piles of loot and frowned. He had spent years building his Waagh fleet from rival warlords and carefully planned his attack to cause the most damage. But those fools had rushed into the battle and they had lost the fast victory. They had spent almost a year fighting on this planet and lost a lot of Boyz. Now somewhere in this fortress the last of the Space Marines hid denying him his total victory. The traps set all over the fort had cost him his best bodyguard Dregebref. 'Haven't U sissiez found 'em yet?' yelled BigClawz. Before anybody could answer a gretchin ran in yelling 'ey fond em, ey fond em'. BigClawz flexed hiz power claw and ran off after the gretchin, 'Now I get my victory' roared BigClawz.

The door crumbled and in rushed the biggest Ork Morphyus had ever seen, with one sweep of it's huge power claw it stuck down a Terminator. Brother Crisus rushed into the fray and engaged the behemoth Ork with his own power claw. Soon the doorway was being widened as more Orks attempted to rush in all at once. Any Orks that didn't fall to the salvos of fire fell to the lightning claws and power fists of the Terminators. Then with a shout Lenox jumped into the fray. Soon the whole room was swarming with Orks. After hours of fighting a deafening roar was heard and all fighting stopped. Every head turned to see the power claw of Brother Crisus plunged deep into BigClawz chest. The horrified Orks just stared until a Terminator smashed one with its power fist. The Orks seeing their leader dead attempted a fighting withdrawal.

Morphyus sounded the chase and charged into the hallway after the retreating orks. It was picking as the Orks ran into each other in confusion and their numbers were diminishing. Then as soon as they had turned the greenskins were again charging into battle.

'Weze better run faster' yelled the ork ahead of Grim Bone-Eaterz. As quickly has he spoke his head exploded into a red mush. 'Waaaahhht!!!!!!!!!!' cried Grim. Then he saw a figure step out of the gloom ahead of him, it was a space marine!, but clad in cold gray armor. Quickly Grim ducked into the shadows and scratched his fesh scar as more of his comrades rushed past him to be quickly cut down by the new enemy. Bone-Eaterz stooped into a broken doorway to hide and wait for his chance to escape.

Morphyus was momentarily shocked but it soon passed and he resumed the fight what had caused the Orks to regain their muster? he thought to himself. '..Hold your fire...Melee combat only..' cracked over his in helmet com, in a voice Morphyus had never heard before. He could hear its physic reverberations and only through his training as a Chaplain was he able to detect the subtle overtones the made the command one that could not be ignored. Obediently the marines around him lowered their bolters and jumped into the fray with chainsaws roaring. This did not make the marines any less deadly, but instead a sense of clam fury was seeped into their unconsciousness witch made them even more frightening in close combat. Morphyus knew the effects of a master librarian were taking hold of his marines but could not tell where it was coming from.

The Ork mass was getting thinner now and suddenly the smell of freshly oiled power-armor mixed with the stech of ork wafted into the noses of the White Flames in the hallway. Trion could see over the heads of the few orks ahead of him and was nearly taken aback at what he saw, the shock left him studded long enough for an ork to tackle him but he quickly wrestled free of the terrified beast and shot it in the face with his bolt pistol. Then he turned to see one of the emporers most feared warriors standing not 10 meters from him. The Grey Knight Librarian swung his halberd through another Ork and then moved onto the next. He must have ordered the cease fire thought Trion and struck down another Ork. Soon the only thing between the two forces was dead Ork bodies.

Several hours later Morphyus woke to see his limp body before him. his left arm was completly severed and his right foot was most definetly facing the wrong direction. The pain was un-noticed though as Morphyus noted he was strapped into an Apothacaries device. Then it hit him... if he was laying here the Orks must have been defeated! His men would not have taken the time to recover his body if fighting was still taking place. Sureying the scene around Morphyus was taken aback. The room was filed with wounded marines it seemed that every marine from the chapter was here.

more to come soon!

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