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The Northern Alliance

The Messenger Of the Past

The Flagship of the Northern Alliance The Messenger of the Past emerges from a warp rift.

Fleet list

If your fleet is over 500 points it must include a Commander  to lead it.

Commander Leadership Bonus Points Cost
Squadron Commander +1 50
Battle group Commander +2 100
Fleet Commander +3 150

Your Commander gets 1 free reroll and may purchase the following.

Extra Rerolls Points Cost
+1 25
+2 75
+3 150


Any number of escorts or light cruisers (to have a light cruiser you must have an escort squad of the same race to go with it).

Race Imperial 0-6 of each Chaos 0-2 Eldar 0-2 Ork
Ship Cobra DD   30 Iconoclast DD 30 Hemlock DD 45 Brute RS 30
Ship Sword F 35 Infidel R 40 Nightshade DD 45 Ravager AS 40
Ship Firestorm F 40 Idololater R 45 Aconite F 70 Savage GS 45 
Ship 0-1 C-lax SS    Hellebore F 80 Onslaught AS 50
Ship Dauntless LC 110   0-1 Solaris LC Gouga LC
Ship 0-2 Striker LC 100   0-1 Lightning LC 150  
Ship 0-2 Tera'ca-nusk LC    0-1 Aurora LC  
Ship 0-2 Frigeon LC      
Ship Siluria LC 90      

You may include up to 8 cruisers in your fleet.

Race Imperial 0-4 Chaos 0-1 Eldar 0-1 Ork
Ship Lunar CC 180 Devastation CC 190 Shadow CC 215 Kill K 160
Ship Tyrant CC 185 Murder CC 170 Eclipse CC 255 Terror Ship CC 190
Ship Dominator CC 190 Carnage CC 180    
Ship Gothic CC 180 Slaughter CC 165    
Ship Dictator CC 220      

You May include 1 Battlecruiser or Heavy Cruiser in your fleet for every 2 CC or K.

Race Imperial 0-2 Chaos
Ship Mars BC 270 Styx HC 290
Ship Overlord BC 235 Hades HC 200
Ship Jovian BC 240 Archeron HC 190
Ship Armageddon BC 235 Persecution HC 220
Ship Titan BC 250 Hellfire HC 285
Ship   Hectate HC 240

You may include 1 Grand Cruiser in your fleet for every 3 CC, BC, HC, or K.

Race Imperial 0-1 Chaos
Ship Vengeance GC 295 Vengeance GC 295
Ship Avenger GC Retaliator GC 230
Ship Exorcist GC 230 Executor GC 210
Ship Furious GC 265 Repulsive GC 230

You  may include 1 Battleship for every 4 CC, BC, HC, K, or GC.

Race Imperial 0-1 Chaos
Ship Emperor BB 345 Despoiler BB 400
Ship Retribution BB 365 Desolater BB 300
Ship Nemesis FC/BB 400
Ship Oberon BB 335
Ship Vanquisher BB 340
Ship Apocalypse BB 375
Ship Victory BB 360


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