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Warhammer 40K
Both Equally

V2 BFG Datafiles

The Pirate Base
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Shadows Blood Angels

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Games Workshop Home site of BFG and 40K

Lone Wolf Development Developer of Army Builder (you can download it and data files here)

Cyberboard Home of great piece of freeware used for PBEM (play by e-mail) games.

The Turan Sector A world wide campaign site

The Realm of Insfail Great site for a lot of stuff

Space and Beyond Home of the Golgotha sector with many good ships and rules.

Battlefleet Gothic site with lots of BFG resources

Blackstone Six site with lots of BFG resources

BFG-List Home of yahoo groups BFG-List a great discussion board.

Epik 40K Great site for epic and Battlefleet Gothic.

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The Unofficial Games Workshop Top Sites
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