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Samarkand is thought to be one of the oldest cities in the world. The city of Samarakand has a population of 400,000 people. Samarakand is a providence of uzbekistan. Which borders Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. The provedence of samarakand adopted the state flag of Uzbekistan in november 18 1991. Samarakand is divided into 16 adminstrative districts with an average of 149 people per kilometer. In samarakand they speak uzbek and russian. One of samarakands great rulers was Timurid. When he counquered another city he would send all the craftsmen from that city back to samarakand. There they would build very cool buildings. One of such buildings is the Bibi Khanum Mosque "There is an interesting legend that has grown up surrounding the construction of the mosque. Apparently, while Timur was away conquering India, the architect who was in charge of the project fell in love with the queen after whom the mosque is named. Bibi Khanum, in an attempt to dissuade the young man, brought 40 painted eggs to him, explaining that, just as all the eggs tasted the same, so it was with women. She would provide him with a beautiful maiden so that he could finish construction of the mosque, now delayed as a result of his infatuation with the queen. A week later, he brought her 40 gourds, 39 filled with water and one filled with wine, and said, "Oh Bibi Khanum, although they may all look alike only one can intoxicate me." She agreed to allow him to kiss her, with her hand separating his lips and her cheek. His passionate response penetrated through her hand to leave an indelible imprint on her cheek which the Amir was none too pleased to see when he returned. "Seeing the imprint of the lips upon his wife's cheek, he sent his elephant brigade into the great mosque and wreaked the damage that can still be seen today. His captains chased the architect to the top of a minaret, where he grew wings and flew off, never to be seen again. And Tamerlane decreed that in future all women should wear a veil, hence the origin of the Mohammedan custom of enshrouding their womenfolk" Quoted from Samarakand is well known for its diverse architecture and historical landmarks.

 The Gem of the east.
 Once the capital of uzbeck!
 Samarakand located in a historic region of Central Asia known as Transoxiana.
 Located of the Zarafshan River.


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Samarkand- The Gem of The East

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