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I had Vicky with Jimmy

You see this chick right here is my bestest friend in the world.Dude I totally totally love her to death. I mean yeah sure we get in a little arguments,but in the end I still love her. Me and Her GO WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY back to first grade. It's soo crazy to think at in a matter of month me and her will be 18. That fucking crazy. and in do time I will be going over to her house and hanging out.I really can't wait.Me and her have soooo many inside jokes it's not even fun any more. Every time she comes over we just have the best time. From staying up almost all night laughing at random shit to waking up in the moring and wasting 1 hour and 30 minutes watch some cartoon(which by the way wasn't that funny).She was the one that I would talk to if I felt down. She also was the one that made me want to write a story,which by the way I still haven't finish. I love talking to her because we talk about the must random and nasty,hehehehehe,like whips and chains.*wink,wink* I could go on and on about me buddy jacqueline, but you'd be reading this forever. I guess the main thing here is that I this chick to death and I will always be there for her even if she doesn't think I will.All she has to do is pick up the phone and I'll be there to talk to her.unless of course I'm working then,she'll have to call back so yeah. I Love You woMan!!


I Loved Her First

If you haven't seen on my page we have some much fun together. we are basically insperitable, even if I'm in maryland visiting my sister patty and she is way the hell at home in Las Vegas. we still find time to rack up the hours on the, she is so funny too. Not even a big ass fight could keep us apart forever. I LOVE MY KELSEY.



She is my second friend that I can talk to about everything and anything. We have so many inside jokes it aint even funny. She makes me laught and she is so cool.



I love this chick. She is my twin so to speak. She was born the day after my birthday. So if you could imagine I wouldn't live it down. and at is why I love her she doesn't care about that and as time goes on I really dont talk about it anymore.


Big Stick

Let's see robyne is the second person who's know me since elemenary. Me and her go all the way back you fourth grade I believe. I remember doing alot of things with her. We used to hang out in a little group of four people and we would all buy big sticks. That's when that became our inside I have to say I love her to death,sorry kelsey. Yup and I remember we used to have peer medation, and peace potrol together.Man those are the good old days.I Love You.


Let Me See Ya Grillz

Brianna is one of the coolest chicks I know.I love her too. I love going over to her house and hanging out with her and her family. I love them to death too. She is so cool and we share a little in commen. Thanks to her and her mom I have the Grillz song on my ipod. Brianna is the person who gave my the necklace I wear almost all the time and she also gave me her tarot card.thank you soo much.And I Love You Too!!!


My Bean Burrito Buddy.oh yeah I went there

this is my other little sister lexie I love her so much.she is soo sweet and totally funny. She is my little buddy and your all,plus now that me and her found out the Gerard Way is totally not marride we are going to go and stock his ass.OH YEAH THATS RIGHT.ME AND LEXIE ARE GOING TO GO STOCK GERARD WAY.WITH A RADIO AND ON THE RADIO WE ARE GOING TO PLAY NIKI FM REALLY LOUD SO YEAH.*bitches*lol oh and Smile for me lex... Ya Grillz... Ya Ya Grillz!!


ipod Chick

this chick right here is the coolest most nicest chick I know.and the reason I call her ipod chick is because she has tons of ipods. I like hanging around her.she is sooo sweet and she makes me laugh.Plus she is totally stocking,I have her in my 1st period and 2nd period, plus she also rides my bus.but yeah. I dont really have much to say,but she rocks.So Love Ya sarah.



I Did My Best

Andy is a cool person I love to talk to her. Me and her have fun on the bus making up dance moves, and in 8th period. overall she is a freaking awsome person who I love to be around. And if I miss a day of school she is the first person to ask me what the hell happened. I love Her To.Also I'm Her Partner In Crime. She is the sole eater and I'm the assassin.


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