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Mapua IT Center Linux User Group By-Laws

MapuaTech Makati
Emmanuel M. Teodosio, Jr., President


Version 1.0
January 22, 2003

Article I

Section 1 Name
The official name of this organization will be MITC-LUG. Also referred to as the Mapua IT Center - Linux User Group.

Section 2 Purpose
a. To promote awareness of the Linux Operating System and other open-source software among the students of the institute.

b. To support the Linux Operating System on campus by answering questions and helping potential users understand what Linux offers

c. To support Linux Users on campus by providing useful software and documentation

d. To assist with installing, configuring, and maintaining Linux Systems.

e. To research creative and innovative uses for Linux and other open-source software.

f. To meet and discuss current events affecting the open-source community.

g. To discuss other technologies.

Article II

We, the members of mitc-lug, Mapua IT Center - Linux User Group, knowing that no organization can effectively exist without cooperation and guidance do establish this constitution as one of Mapua Tech's Linux User Group.

Article III

Section 1 Officers
The elected officers of the Linux User Group shall be the president, the internal and external vice-president, secretary, treasurer and representatives to be elected as specified in the Bylaws.

Section 2 Term
Elected officers shall serve a term beginning on the day following the elections. The terms will end the day the successor takes office.

Section 3 Nomination
Any member of the Linux User Group in good standing and meeting all the requirements as stated in the Bylaws shall be eligible for nomination.

Section 4 Presiding Officers
a. The president is the presiding officer.

b. If the President is unable to preside or at his/her request, the order of succession shall be the Vice-President, the Treasurer, and the Secretary.

Section 5 Succession of Officers
a. Should an officer be unable to fulfill his/her position and voluntarily resign, the officers shall follow the order of succession in temporarily filling the vacated office. The order of succession shall be Vice-President and Treasurer/Secretary.

b. Should it be deemed necessary, the presiding officer may appoint a member in good standing to a lessor office to fulfill the duties of the office, but the position will immediately be revoked upon the special elections of the empty office.

c. A special election shall be held at an appropriate and convenient time for a replacement for the vacant position. At or before the time of the elections, the succeeding officer may decided to occupy either of the offices that he/she functioned in and declare that the other position be opened for replacement instead of the original position.

Section 6 Duties of Officers
A. The duties and powers of the President shall be as follows:
a. To serve as chairman at meetings of the officers.

b. To preside in general meetings of the Linux User Group.

c. To make recommendations for legislation or other action to the general membership when deemed necessary, required, or desired.

d. To serve as speaker to all entities not associated with the Linux User Group.

e. To supervise, assist, and when necessary, request reports from the other officers.

f. To perform each and every other duty typical, customary, or required of the presiding of an organization.

g. The President may act to facilitate action of a particular officer if he/she deems it necessary for the benefit and/or survival of the Linux User Group.

B. The duties and powers of the Internal Vice-President shall be as follows:
a. To assume and perform all duties of the President in the event of his absence or incapacity or as requested by the President.

b. To audit the books and accounts of the Treasurer at the close of the school year and submit a report to the President.

c. To perform any and all other duties which may, from time to time, be delegated to him/her or requested of him/her by the President.

C. The duties and powers of the External Vice-President shall be as follows:
a. Serve as liaison between the club and all other affiliated and associated organizations.

b. To represent the Linux User Group at all functions, on all occasions and at all ceremonies where representation is necessary, required, or desired.

c. Coordinate and guide all the committees of the General Membership

d. Encourage participation and membership

D. The duties of the Treasurer shall be as follows:
a. To maintain an accurate and true written record of all funds of the Linux User Group.

b. To handle all financial matters of the Linux User Group.

c. To collect dues and maintain an accurate list of paid members.

d. To submit a written quarterly report summarizing the Linux User Groups' financial activity and current situation to the other officers.

E. The duties of the Secretary shall be as follows:
a. To keep the minutes and records of all official meetings of the Linux User Group.

b. To keep an up-to-date list of active members.

c. To provide publicity, the Linux User Groups' activities.

Section 7 Impeachment
An officer may be impeached from his/her office if his/her actions become detrimental to the Linux User Group. This is accomplished through a petition containing the signatures of three- fourths (3/4) of the active general membership.

Article IV

Section 1 Appointment of Faculty/Staff Advisor
A faculty advisor, who shows genuine interest in the Linux User Group and is experienced in an advisory position will be selected by the President (within two weeks of his/her selection) subject to the approval of the other officers. If no advisory is selected by the President, the previous advisor shall be selected for the position by default.

Article V

Section 1 Eligibility
a. Any student that is in good academic standing and meets the requirements of the Linux User Group shall be eligible for membership.

b. Any student from Mapua Information Technology Center & the School of Information Technology.

Section 2 Voting Rights
Any active member of the Linux User Group shall have the right to participate in any vote of the general membership. Each active member is given only one vote per state of business.

Article VI

Section 1 Submissions
Any active member during the course of the meeting may make a motion to make an amendment to the constitution.

Section 2 Voting
Amendments require a 2/3 majority vote of the organization in order to be accepted.

Article VII

Section 1 Adoption
This Constitution and Bylaws shall be considered adopted when and if two-thirds (2/3) of the entire active membership of the Linux User Group vote to adopt said Constitution at a meeting called for such a purpose.

Section 2 Repeal
Upon the adoption of this Constitution and Bylaws the Linux User Group, all previous Constitutions and Bylaws, including any and all amendments thereon or thereto, shall be considered repealed and no longer in effect.

Copyright (C) 2003 by Emmanuel Teodosio,
President mitc-lug, Created: ˜02/22/03 01:06 am