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Welcome to Alquá! We are a professional massage therepy studio, offering the best massage expirience and supplies... yadda, yadda, yadda. What ever you want the home page to say will go here. I can also change the picture, or I can put more words there if you don't want a graphic at all. Don't like the colors? I can change that too. I can change a lot; the colors, sizes, and fonts of the text, to pictures, music (if I can find any online), etc., etc.

However, this is the hardest layout I've ever done (I've never made frames before, so I was wicked proud of myself when I actually got the menu to work, even if it was with heavy help from
Funky-Chickens) so if you want the layout to change I'm not sure if I can change it much. I can also add a counter if you want, to keep track of how many people visit the site.

The menu is nifty, basically I got it to show two different webpages in the browser at one time. If you click on a link in the menu, that page shows up where this one is, but, the menu will always stay there. Like I said before, I've never done this type of set up before, so I was wicked confused at first, but now I'm getting the hang of it.

As you've probably noticed, but I'm going to point out anyways since I've already typed up a shit load, I can put as much text as you want here since it just keeps going and going and going...