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Unparalleled Free Will


The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Spiritual Essays

March 2, 2009

The research that you and I have done and a lot of conversations with you are making some things clear to me.

I had one recent conversation (the person concerned will know) in which it was pointed out to me that human beings, especially of this era in our history, have been conditioned to look to a source outside themselves for certainty, purpose, and direction. I notice that I quickly and invisibly become dependent on outside authorities.

The subject came up because I was seeking to know what Godís will was in a matter and was told that, in the society we are headed for, I needed to develop my own will. I was thrown back on myself. I responded as if free will were foreign to me.

Our religions ask us to surrender to Godís will. But very soon we are going to enter an era of unparalleled free will. The galactics are here to reinstate universal, individual human sovereignty, which has been eroded for aeons.

I think you can imagine that, on this Planet of the Terrestrials, the galactics have not come all this way to subject us to a ďnew world order.Ē They have come to emancipate us from the existing one.

What use is it if they emancipate us and we simply relate to them as their new handmaidens?

I am stepping off one horse that is comfortable but flagging and mounting another that is wild and unpredictable. But Iím determined to do it and that is part of what I call emergence.

This rock-bottom need for independence has lost me more friends, jobs, and relationships than I care to think of. But I must follow it to its logical, or not-so-logical, conclusion.

Admittedly someone is fighting my battles for me while I rise to my feet. Someone is battling with the ones who imprison me and asking me to step out of my cell into radical freedom.

It seems imperative for me to play my role in this drama, and not someone elseís. My role is to walk out of my prison cell and be free, to leave behind the conditioned strategies of deference and dependence.

I may look crazy over here but Iím dropping the constraints of ages. And I donít know what it will look like - crazy, wild, humiliating?

But I want my own voice back. I want my own self back, whatever it takes.




The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Spiritual Essays