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The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Spiritual Essays

Last revised: 19 May 2009

As I continue chipping away at my website, I come across passages that seem to me to be very important. This one from St. Germain is one of them.

You’ll recall that we’ve been saying: “You are the leaders of the New Age” -- us on GRT and others gathered together in similar circumstances, around the world, aware of what is happening and wishing to contribute.

In case that has not absolutely sunk in before, like a pinball that’s still going from paddle to bank but heading inevitably for the hole, I’m sending along a passage from St. Germain. After reading it, it may be hard to deny this assertion.

“Dear friends, you – and I look at those sitting here, I look at you who are coming across space on the Internet and those who will listen to and view this later – if you are hearing my words or reading these words, if you are touched by the energy of this group, … you are the messengers and you come here now.” (1)

You’ve been tagged. You’re it. As the masters say, you are the one you’ve been waiting for.

The sages remind us that we all chose to be here at this time to do the work that we’re doing, whether we’re doing it consciously or unconsciously.

Where to find the means to accomplish the work? In the same article, St. Germain tells us to trust that we have the answers, whether those answers are known to us at the moment or not.

“What you’re seeing happening all across the world right now, all around you, is a profound loss of trust – loss of trust in old systems, old organizations, lost of trust in government and it is falling apart. What you have [is] one of the most important tools, the true trust in yourself. And ultimately, for the rest of the world, it is the same thing. It is about them learning to trust that they have the answers. But right now in these most shifting, in these most collapsing of times, it is time to remember, it is time to bring up the trust in yourself.

“You will be able to get through every part of this nearly unscratched if you remember to trust who you are. And I’m not talking about trusting some unknown god. I’m not talking about trusting a guru. I’m not talking about trusting who you think you’re going to be five or ten years from now. I’m talking about trusting you right now.

“You have every tool. You have every resource. You have everything you need right now, because, as a messenger, as one who can go across time and space, you put it there for yourself. Trust that you knew enough to put that tool in the path to be utilized in the Now moment. Trust that you already put it there and it will then be.”


(1) St. Germain, “Farewell to Power,” 4 Oct. 2008, at


The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Spiritual Essays