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Status of Knowledge


The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Spiritual Essays

Eight years in a hearing room drills into a person the need for precision when communicating to others about important issues – such as we are discussing here.

One aspect of being precise in the language we use is being precise in the status of our knowledge.

If we know something, then it is appropriate to say we know it or to state it in an assertive way. Thus: “Eric Holder has appointed a special prosecutor to investigate torture charges.” By saying it this way we signal to others that we have sure knowledge of this event.

If we don’t have sure knowledge but just think Holder will appoint a prosecutor, then, if we’re to be precise, we should say “I think Eric Holder…”

I hear some people saying, “uh HUH….” Well, we actually on many occasions do not do this.

If we are just guessing, then we need to say “I am guessing.” If we feel something to be true, then we need to say “I feel.”

And so on for beliefs, convictions, hearsay, etc.

The biggest source of upset that I have observed is because someone said something assertively and the event does not happen. If you did not know for sure the event would happen, then why say it will?

The problem lies in the status of knowledge your claim for yourself.

So one way of communicating that I’m very much encourage is for all of us to be accurate in the status or degree of the knowledge of what we say.

If we do, we will avoid numerous problems, especially since we are all in the prediction game (2012, NESARA, accountability – they are all predictions) and need to be clear with those who hear our predictions how certain we are of them.




The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Spiritual Essays