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Life No Matter Where, No Matter When


The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Spiritual Essays

March 1, 2009

Tonight I was riding home on the bus, having fixed my Dad’s computer and reading SaLuSa. A passage in SaLuSa arrested my attention and, surprisingly, left me close to tears:

:For many lifetimes your Guides have travelled with you, and proportionate to your level of development have led you to the truth and real purpose of life. … Clearly … there are those who profess little interest in the purpose of life. They will be ill prepared to take the opportunity to ascend, in view of the few years left to this cycle. (1)

I thought to myself: you know what the purpose of life is. Most people on GRT know it as well. But supposing someone doesn’t? Are you willing to risk looking like a fool for writing on the subject?

Yes, I am.

Is there anything that can be said about the purpose of life that would be true for us, for the galactics, for the spiritual hierarchy, and for every other life form, at any place and time?

Yes and here it is. The purpose of life, in any place and age, is enlightenment. Whatsoever the life form or region of space, the purpose of life is that God should meet God and in that moment of Self-Realization, experience Its own bliss.

For this moment was all of life created, from the lowliest cell to the most elevated of Beings.

One thing the Formless cannot do is experience Itself. Since It is One without a second, what object could there possibly be to experience? And who would know Itself as the experiencer? Consciousness exists without an object.

So the Creator created finger-puppets, bestowed upon them consciousness and the capacity for Self-Realization, allowed them to convince themselves that they existed separately, and assigned them the purpose of realizing themselves.

At the moment of Realization, when form sheds form and, with its created faculties, realizes formlessness, the Formless has an experience of Itself.

This we share with all the galactics and ascended masters and angels and archangels. All of us have come from God and are returning to God again. All of us are experiencing higher and higher levels of enlightenment.

One could say, in light of this, that the Divine Plan is spiritual evolution. We are designed to evolve in spirit from the lowest forms of life to the highest. It is not that Darwin was mistaken: the physical life form evolves, but it evolves to suit the needs of the evolving spirit.

The spirit dives in and out of the sea of materiality, evolving as it goes until it returns to the One.

Our “ascension” is another level of enlightenment accomplished. God did not offer us at the end of this cycle a return trip to Lyra. God offered us an experience of enlightenment, which we call “ascension.”

* * * *

God meets God in an experience of enlightenment. But there are many levels of enlightenment.

One level occurs when the spiritual energy (the kundalini) reaches the heart chakra. Another when it reaches the brow chakra. Another when it reaches the crown chakra.

We are not liberated until the energy reaches the spiritual heart or hridayam, beyond the crown chakra and different from the heart chakra. At that moment we experience what sage Ramana Maharshi called “sahaja nirvikalpa samadhi.” “Sahaja” means permanent and “nirvikalpa samadhi” means the samadhi state in which there is no movement in the mind.

But enlightenment goes on from there. Even ascended masters are achieving fresh levels of enlightenment; witness Lord Kuthumi’s statement last year that the masters too will be ascending. Xxx Even buddhas go further. Christ was said by Pseudo-Dionysius to have entered the realm of angels.

Even the angels become archangels and pass on from there to seven more realms, all of increasing enlightenment.

If time persisted, which I am told it does not, then we are talking about endless aeons passing, all the while with us achieving higher and higher levels of enlightenment.

For all practical purposes, we could say that enlightenment is virtually endless.

The galactics and the hierarchy talk about the 100th Dimension. And there are quite possibly countless dimensions beyond that.

* * * *

But we are not on this board to discuss spiritual topics in general. One of the reasons is that we share in common reading and writing and most spiritual teachers would frown on anyone thinking they can get enlightened this way. So why even discuss it? We will tire ourselves out.

That’s why I’ve volunteered the notion of “emergence.” We can emerge, stand forth, stand in our truth, even in writing and for that matter in reading as well.

Enlightenment itself is direct experience, unmediated by the written word. It has no “via.”

“Emergence” is breaking through the barriers to direct experience, barriers like fear and guilt and shame.

I’m sure you’ve noticed the number of people emerging on this board in the last two weeks. People have been saying “the emperor has no clothes,” “I’m unsatisfied with what I’ve been reading,” “I want answers.”

People who’ve been quiet for years have been saying “I will not be quiet any longer.” Yes, sure, this time it is about failed predictions, but it doesn’t matter what the trigger is. If you’ve said it about that topic in this moment, you’ll have created a new pathway and will be as able to say it to the New World Order in the next breath. “George Bush is a mass murderer and high traitor.” Or to a corrupt local politician. Or to someone selling you snake oil.

* * * *

I emerged last week, several times, and I noticed some things about it, which I jotted down on handy pieces of paper.

One thing I noticed was that emergence was like the snap of a finger. If I snap my finger, there is no sound, no sound, then sound, and then no sound, no sound.

Emergence is like that. There is no emergence, no emergence, and then emergence, and then no emergence again, etc.

Emergence happens in a moment of “now” and then it is over. We are left in the afterglow, but no longer in the state of emergence. Our energies are liberated and we feel elated.

We feel released from a limiting experience. If our emergence came from telling a suppressed truth, then the truth has, for the moment, set us free from barriers.

I also noticed that emergence happens because we value a moment of “now” more than we value a moment of subjugation to our conditioned thoughts from the past. For example: I will say the unmentionable. Why are we not all talking about this subject? There is a hippopotamus sitting at the breakfast table and none of us is acknowledging it. We are all pretending it isn’t there.

Hey, people. 9/11 was an inside job. Why don’t you want to discuss it?

There is no war on terror, save the war we created ourselves. Why won’t you listen?

For heaven’s sakes, spaceships are all over the place. Why don’t you want to consider it?

Emergence happens when we don’t let our conditioning hold us back. And it happens in a moment of now, and now, and now.

I also noticed that yesterday’s emergence won’t get you anything. Emergence has no shelf life, no “best before” date. It exists now and it’s gone. Better emerge again because you can’t buy a thing with yesterday’s emergence. And you can’t save it in the bank.

At the same time, it gets easier and easier to emerge. Once the pattern of resistance, the tension in the muscles of the body, has been broken once, it is easier to break it again.

I also noticed that emergence implies that I value this moment of “now” over all other past moments. So if you came to me and said, “Yesterday you argued X and today you’re arguing Y,” I would have to reply that I am unwilling to be bound by my own words from yesterday.

Yesterday I was where I was and today I am where I am. Emergence will not allow me to cling to any moment of the past or it flies out the door.

Emergence means that I value the truth over all barriers to it. It means I will speak the truth no matter the cost. It allows no hiding.

However, humans being what they are, until we are ascended and therefore harmless, emergence requires that we value harmlessness before truth, else humans will rip each other’s faces off and say it was all in the name of telling the truth.

Therefore, until ascension, harmlessness is said (by Gandhi) to come before truth. It is the only exception that I am aware of. Thus Jains will wear masks so that they do not even cause harm to insects. They place harmlessness at the head of their virtues.

* * * *

The chief barrier to telling the truth, as far as I know, is our fear of having our existence extinguished. That usually means a fear of death, but it can ripple down into a fear of losing our job, a fear of starving or going homeless.

Whatever we conceive of as being essential to our survival, or the survival of anything we identify as being important to ourselves, that we will protect and not put at risk when it is necessary to tell the truth.

I will not tell the truth if I risk losing the prestigious job of being at the helm of this board with Mark Huber as my captain.

I will not tell the truth if I risk being kicked off the Immigration and Refugee Board and losing my status and what was for me a huge salary.

I will not risk telling the truth if it will get my wife mad at me.

The number of attachments that we sacrifice the truth to is endless and hence we not only don’t emerge; we submerge ourselves in half-truths and lies, posturing and gesturing. We live behind a mask and don’t emerge from it. We become Noh actors in a high-stylized drama.

* * * *

I saw last week as well that emergence involves a willingness to put myself in the gap of unknowing and act from there.

I can know and know and know, but emergence involves a willingness to not know and act from that place.

I do not know why predictions have failed recently. I am functioning as a leader on this board, among a number of leaders, and I do not know what is happening. Emergence requires that I acknowledge that or lose my integrity – that is, lose my wholeness.

I then condemn myself to living behind a persona, behind excuses. It is just a short hop to acting out a story about myself, spewing forth rehearsed lines, and parading around with no clothes on, asking to be admired.

Emergence will not stand for that. Submergence will. But not standing for the essential truth.

I saw as well another way of putting the whole thing and here a number of people may hear me rephrasing Buddha.

The Buddha said that the problems that kept us from knowing our true nature were ignorance, craving and aversion.

In fact, craving and aversion keep us in ignorance.

More modern terms might be that wanting and not wanting keep us from knowing ourselves.

I have not reached the level of subtlety yet where I am looking at wanting and not wanting. I have not gotten past the fear of not getting what I want or the fear of getting what I don’t want.

To rephrase that, I remain submerged, repressed, held back, because I fear I won’t get what I want or that I’ll get what I don’t want.

That means that if I want to emerge, I have to be equally open to not getting what I want and getting what I don’t want. I have to let go of my attachments to all preferred outcomes. It has to be OK with me that you say “yes” to me or that you say “no.”

That is the more senior discussion of emergence than simply breaking through my barriers.

* * * *

That is what I got last week about emergence, from our discussions of being surprised and shocked when the predicted closure of the stock market did not happen at the 7200-point level.

This whole game, this end-of-the-cycle work we are doing, in the last analysis, is about ascension. It is about emergence.

That having been said, whatever happens here is grist for the mill of emergence.

The function of a good leader is to offer people something to come crashing up against and emerge in the process. That is the role I play for you.

I am here for you to come crashing up against the minute I depart from the truth (unless I censor myself in the interests of harmlessness). And you get yourself, you get to emerge, in the process. (I’m sure Mark would say the same.)

Now that is challenging for me to say. Scarey. But it sets up a game in here. That game goes on within the focus and the ground rules. Nothing changes there.

If you find yourself outside the focus or the ground rules and wanting to stay there, then do the honourable thing. Quietly ands responsibly withdraw and find another discussion group.

Emergence is the game we are playing here, not being reassured about our future. Our future is assured, but the part that is expected of us is that we do all we can to emerge.

* * * *

Our emergence qualifies us to assist others who will be breaking out of their shells in the years ahead. We are putting in our time at boot camp to be able to assist others through it in the years ahead.

So it really doesn’t matter to me whether predictions pan out or don’t, whether people are happy or sad, whether you agree with me or not. It does matter to me that you emerge.

That’s all I have to say. The impulse that had me by the throat and forced me to write has now left. I have said what I needed to say.

If you’re here, you’re here to emerge. Rip my skin off if you want to, but come out of your own.

Take the mask off. Leave the act behind. Never mind your excuses and your rationalizations and, for heaven’s sake, never mind mine. Stand there in the essential truth, no matter how foolish it looks.

My surmise is that eventually there will no longer be anyone who knows how foolish you look. There will no longer be anyone looking.




(1) SaLuSa, Feb. 27, 2009, at


The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Spiritual Essays