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The Truth of This Moment


The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Spiritual Essays

Having been freed of moderating duties [on Galactic Round Table], I can now turn my attention back to the second purpose of our board. The first is informational. The second is developmental.

The second aspect of the board is that we are here to complete our unfinished business so as to emerge, so as to stand forth as our truth, enabling us to take a leading role in the New Age that is fast approaching.

We not only hear what is happening behind the scenes from Mark and our sources, but we also prepare ourselves for take-off by coming out of our shells and finding the ground under our feet. We do that by telling the truth, the truth as we see it at this moment, the truth of ourselves.

Not the truth of our neighbours or our spouses. No, the truth of what Is happening right here in me, right now.

We don’t have a great deal of time left to actually dig into all the work there is to do to prepare for the coming New Age. There isn’t time for chapter and verse.

We have to cut to the chase and simply do what we can do under the circumstances we find ourselves, as a group, and that is to tell the truth.

What truth is there to tell? The one which, when not told, holds you back, keeps you in your shell, restrains you from embracing anything or taking the next step. The one you don’t want known and yet want to be free of through sharing.

Share your truth.

The truth withheld is what holds us back. And all of us have led a lifetime of withholding the truth. We’ve lived under a government that lied to us to an extent that we can barely imagine. Its tendencies reached into every alley and corner of this suppressed society.

And so it’s time to take the suppression button off. No, not to burn down the place. No, not to share if it will imperil you. But to begin to come out of the withheld state.

Jessica Schab was saying on a Project Camelot video that, growing up, there was no one to share with the confusing and conflicting things that were happening with her. And so she finally took to the Internet and found some friends, many of whom had the same things going on with them.

OK, here we are. We’re here, like the folks in Close Encounters, sitting by the road, waiting for the extraterrestrials.

But I am up for doing what as much as we can do if you are up for it as well.

As I said in my previous post, there is something that holds us back from enlightenment, from retaining the enlightened state if we are privileged enough to experience it, from successfully leading in the New Age, and from experiencing a trouble-free ascension.

That something Hindus know as vasanas; Buddhists as samskaras. The best name that western people use for it is our “unfinished business.” These issues, records, resentments, grievances, all of them traceable to events that happened long ago, become triggered in the mind and overwhelm whatever state or resolution we may be in and bring us back to a conditioned way of being.

As long as we are ruled by them, they weigh us down and prevent every good resolution from being successfully carried out. After a while, we sink into resignation and stop trying.

Of them, SaLuSa said:

“While you hold on to grievances, disappointments and lack in your life you perpetuate those very conditions. Some simple problems remain for want of knowing the answers, but others are carried around as you continue to believe you are a victim of all that constitutes bad luck. … If you are one who … aspires to ascend these will have first to be cleared.” (1)

Let me give an example from my own life. My Dad was a somewhat fearsome character to grow up under. But, for some reason, Dad would not swat you if you knew what was true and correct and he didn’t. Therefore, I concluded, if I wanted to dodge the back of his hand, I told myself I had to know a whole lot of things.

Out of this view of my situation, I became a know-it-all as protective coloration. I became very good at knowing a little about a lot and sometimes a lot about a lot. I built an image and an identity around this steel-trap mind.

It was not until recently that I became aware of the arrogance I had developed around my supposedly brilliant mind. Here I am at 62 and I cannot remember some names any more. Because my memory has peaked, some of the attitudes I carry around are now no longer appropriate and so, while they were hidden before, now they come up into view.

The predominant attitude I was carrying around with me at that moment, I came to see, was arrogance. I had become arrogant about the supposed quality of my mind. That arrogance remained hidden as long as I was at the peak of my powers because it seemed valid. It was no longer hidden because it stood in stark contrast to the reality.

So the precipitate of the unresolved business in my life that arose out of my relationship with my father was arrogance. Hindus might say I have a vasana of arrogance, simply becoming more apparent as I age.

It is in my interest to complete that piece of unfinished business before the dawning of the New Age.

According to Ker-on, stepping out of the old matrix will be hard for those who still have unresolved issues.

Some souls find if difficult to express themselves as they would wish, still being grounded in the old matrix. The dark forces have created for them a false identity, and it is one that has gradually taken them over so that they have come to believe it is real. The Light is now breaking it down, and that is a blow to their ego self that has been in control. They feel suddenly lost without direction. (2)

St. Germain tells us it’s necessary to jettison our issues in the face of our upcoming ascension:

God has decreed that the end times should bring you the opportunity of Ascension, so look into your heart and see if you are ready to release your lower vibrations. (3)

What will release our lower vibrations is standing in the truth of the moment and telling it like it is.


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The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Spiritual Essays