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A Glimpse of My Mission


The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Spiritual Essays

Last revised: July 24, 2009.

Last night, as I slept, I received a glimpse of my mission.

I had an office located on one of the ships. I was dressed in a pea-green jump suit - which I resolved to change to cobalt-blue immediately upon awakening.

I was going from group to group and lecturing on the galactics as the group itself requested. I was like an anthropologist whose special study was galactic societies.

I might be explaining Ascension or the galactics’ ideal of universal sovereignty or why the galactics came.

I might be explaining God to children or where the galactics and we agreed on spirituality to adults.

I might give a lecture on the true history of Earth.

But that was my job – just talking to groups about what was transpiring.

Perhaps I might help someone in the group who had an issue, upset, or fear to process it and trace it to the originating event in their own personal history, rather than to the arrival of the galactics.

I didn’t see, but I can well imagine that my mission would have a second aim – because I can see how much energy I have for the subject.

That would be speaking to terrestrial religious leaders and helping them see where the great religions fit together.

For instance, relating to my discussion the other day with the Christian theologian, I can see myself discussing that what Christians worship as the Father, Son and Holy Ghost is the same as what Hindus worship as Brahman, Atman, and Shakti.

Or discussing with Hindus whether the personalized Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, a subset of Shakti, could not be conceived of as the impersonalized three gunas: rajas or activity, sattwa or balance, and thamas or transformation.

Or discussing the way the different religions conceive of the Divine Mother, the Holy Spirit, Shakti, Aum/Amen, Prakriti/Procreatrix, Wisdom, the universal creative energy - one of my favourite topics.

Or Buddha’s view of God, what the Self and No-Self mean, what Jesus meant by his parables, where Jesus says “be here now,” and so on.

As you see, I could go on without let about cross-cultural spirituality. I notice I warm up to the subject when I get started.

So I presume that would be part of my mission as well – erasing the barriers and bringing Earth theologians together in the study of religion.

But, be that as it may, there I was in my dream, on my way to my next meeting with a group of terrestrials, to answer any questions they had on galactic civilization so far as I knew anything about it.

Well, today I am going to spend the first of many days preparing for that mission. I have a huge stack of papers before me that represent communications from galactics and celestials that I have read but not mounted to my website, First Contact.

Mary Sherritt from Southern California ( has joined us specifically to take over from me the task of posting A-Team communications to GRT.

She will liaise directly with Mark and Beth and see that all their materials appear on the right sites in a timely manner.

I thank Mary for coming on board.

Bill Bragg is Lead Moderator for GRT ( I request that you send your questions about the discussion groups to him.

Mark and Beth will be telling you about day-to-day occurrences.

I remain owner of GRT, CIP, and News, but simply to provide continuity.

I shall now be starting my mission by delving deeper and deeper into the study of galactic and celestial society, trying to discern their values, the story of their mission, and their planned impact on our future.

I am going back to being the historian, sociologist and anthropologist I trained to be.

I am in mission preparation mode, a phase of deeply studying my future subject.




The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Spiritual Essays