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Males Will Have a Tougher Time Than Females


The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Spiritual Essays

Last revised: June 30, 2009.

According to Lisa Renee in her July post, a battle to neutralize a 3D mind-control program, referred to the Guardians as the “nephelim reversal program,” has been underway since April 2009.

This program is quite viral and deeply anchored in the belief systems of both genders, centring on the abuse or misuse of male and female sexual energy.

Renee continues:

“As this system is being brought into view from the hidden depths, we are seeing amplified all systems of masculine power as programmed into the male psyche. The anger, rage and sexual abuse in this system of control is quite alarming to look at, yet it’s very necessary.

“Males have been groomed since birth to define their identity through their potency in the world as viewed from a completely material way. To be successful males are told they must accumulate wealth, from this they will have power over others, and then they will have all the prettiest women to commoditize in order to feel even more ‘potent.’

“The higher echelon of the power brokers, (the boys club) condone and even police each other to condition the belief that this is how one gains acceptance, power and prestige in this world.

“As this system is breaking down and revealing its ugliness in our social and economic structure, our males are feeling especially confused and devastated. All of their conditioned beliefs that reinforced their male identity are being pulled out or radically tested.

“I have observed for the first time ever, more males having meltdowns as they lose their wealth, money, resources, families, sexual relationships, whatever they placed their entire identity and value upon. Many are without tools or context and have been attempting to escape in addiction programs which just increase the destructive impact.

“I have never witnessed as much male addiction to pornographic sexual abuse coming to the surface to be revealed as is happening right now. Nothing that was hidden can stay hidden any more. It’s all got to come out of the closet and be seen for what it is, as the recent sexual asphyxiation death of a prominent male movie star in Bangkok has reminded us.” (1)

She is referring to David Carradine here, her allegation being that Carradine’s death was, or was framed to look as if it was, part of a sexual drama.

Renee sees a return of the “God Female principle” (2) as “the antidote to restore balance back and to assist the males in opening their hearts that have been shut down for so long.

“It is now time to hold the utmost compassion (and at times tough love) for the males in order for them to rise to the level required to meet the evolving consciousness. The Females have connected to the celestial energies, laid the groundwork and now the males must reach the next level to ground this consciousness into the earth.

“Males are beginning to open their hearts and in this process, if without help or willingness, will be experiencing heart attacks or heart issues as the reminder. It is now imperative for the males on this planet to be guided and learn how to open their heart center and listen to the heart (feeling based) intelligence. Females are mostly the guides.”

Interesting that she should say that males who do not succeed in opening their hearts will experience heart attacks or other heart issues as a reminder.

The gender roles that she points to are so ingrained in our societies that, in my observation, people slip into them at an early age without questioning them. For instance, I don’t think I’ve heard a description of a woman in recent years that did not contain or centre around whether or not she is “beautiful.”

Descriptions of males as well seem to centre around their outlooks in the world – their chances of creating a successful career, earning a lot of money, and “making it.”

I agree that we are boxed in and that males will have a tougher time extracting themselves from their own particular box and opening to the love vibrations that are streaming down onto the planet.




(1) Lisa Renee, “Surpassing the Glass Ceiling,” channeling the Guardians, July 2009, at

(2) For a full description of the “Female Goddess” principle, see “On the Nature of the Divine Mother or Holy Spirit” at


The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Spiritual Essays