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Comments on Kavassilas


The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Spiritual Essays

Last revised: Sept. 14, 2009.

What follows are some passing comments on the version of First Contact given by George Kavassilas in two parts of his three-part YouTube video series.

I have to tell you that, though I watched the two videos and transcribed their contents, Kavassilas’s account does not grip my attention. I grant that he may have had some experiences with shape shifters and they may also have been crocodilian reptilians.

But his linking of them with P52 (present plus 52,000 years into the future) Orion Nordics and his further linking of them with the Galactic Federation of Light seem questionable to me.

I say that based upon accounts I prefer to his and also based upon a certain caution I feel towards his testimony as a whole from credibility problems apparent in his story.

These are my own personal responses. I no more know the truth of these matters than I know the truth of most other things. I only know how they sit with me.

Two credibility problems immediately came to my attention on reading Kavassilas’s “cosmology.” He bases his knowledge on what he says are his vast and varied spiritual experiences.

The experiences I have had are … really out there for most people. They are really vast and varied. … The destination has not been just on one level but has been on many levels beyond this reality. (1)

On occasion he left his body, but not in the common astral experience.

The nice, common one people know is astral traveling where you can travel on what some people call the etheric level but this was my full-blown consciousness. Everything came out of my body and I was pure consciousness which is the omnipresent part of our being, where we can just go anywhere and do anything. So I travelled up through the dimensions of the universe. And I went through all the different levels and then I came back. And when I came back I couldn’t stop laughing. …

Because prior to actually leaving the body and taking the journey I still had a lot of the lower ego attached. And when I came back and realized what’s really going on around here I couldn’t stop laughing. It was hilarious. (2)

Implicit in these statements is the claim that he is a highly-enlightened individual. He says he “realized what’s really going on around here” and, in what follows, I am analyzing whether he actually does or not.

On the basis of these experiences, he then maps out his “cosmology,” his view of how the universe is constructed and operates. In the course of it, he makes some comments on what he calls the “masculine” and “feminine” aspects of God.

God then decided I’m going to take this project on now, hand’s on. The Feminine and the Masculine aspects of the Creator decided to manifest themselves as galaxies. And they did that.

The Feminine aspect of the Creator, the Divine Mother, manifested herself as our galaxy, the Milky Way Galaxy. And it is termed as such because of the nurturing of the mother’s milk.

The Male aspect of the universe manifested itself as the Andromedan galaxy. And in Greek the word andros means husband. And the Andromedan galaxy is the one right next door to others. So you have got the Masculine and the Feminine, the divine sacred couple. (3)

First of all, it’s important to know that God, at the level of which Kavassilas is speaking, as far as I’m persuaded, does not have a “masculine” and “feminine” aspect. Gender does not exist at the level of the divine Transcendental or even the Phenomenal, not in any physical sense and not in any psychological sense.

While Kavassilas represents a male and female aspect to the Divine, to which he even assigns male and female attributes like husbandliness and nurturance, I consider that he will get no support for his descriptions from terrestrial sages and saints who knew what he points to by discussing “male” and “female” aspects of God.

Sages and saints used the male/female distinction as a conventional way of getting across to people in earlier times, who probably would not understand otherwise, a distinction between the Transcendental (the Father, Brahman, the Essence, the Void), which was absolutely motionless and the Phenomenal (the Holy Spirit, Divine Mother, Shakti, Dharma), which was all energy and active. (4)

Notice that the mystical distinction is the exact opposite of the psychological stereotypes of the human male as active (perhaps based on sexual penetration) and the human female as passive (perhaps based on sexual receptivity). The cosmic male is inactive and the cosmic female is active.

Kavassilas projecting human stereotypes (husbandliness, nurturance) onto the cosmic male and female would probably cause the sages to sigh.

According to them, it is the Holy Spirit, not the Father, who moves upon the waters and creates. She is the Voice (active sound, operating according to natural law) in the Wilderness (no activity, beyond the reach of any law). She is called Procreatrix by the Romans, probably a derivative of the Sanskrit Prakriti. She creates, preserves, and transforms through the three universal forces or gunas (rajas, sattwa, and thamas, which Hindus named Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva).

An example of a sage using this metaphor to make this distinction is Lao Tzu:

Nameless indeed is the source of creation [i.e. the Father]
But things have a Mother and she has a name. (5)

Things have a Mother. The Phenomenal has a Mother and we call her Shakti, the Divine Mother, the Holy Spirit in the New Testament, Wisdom in the Old Testament (Solomon).

Another example of this mystical knowledge appears in Jesus’s writings. His disciples asked him for a password so they could tell each other apart from others. He gave them the password: “A movement and a rest.” (6) The Divine Mother or Holy Spirit is movement; the Holy Father is rest.

A third example appears in Hindu statuary. In statues, Shakti is representing as dancing on the apparently-dead body of Shiva. What is being communicated is that the Mother whirls and is active, creative, while the Father lies inactive and aloof from creation.

Given what I have just said, it is metaphysically impossible to represent the “masculine” aspect of God as creating galaxies alongside the “feminine” aspect. The Transcendental (the “masculine”) creates through the Phenomenal (the “feminine”) but has no direct connection with the creation process.

Krishna suggests the mystical relationship between the Transcendental (nonphysical or formless) and the Phenomenal (physical, including all realms of form, no matter how subtle):

This entire universe is pervaded by me, in that eternal form of mine which is not manifest to the senses. Although I am not within any creature, all creatures exist within me. I do not mean that they exist within me physically. That is my divine mystery. You must try to understand its nature. My Being sustains all creatures and brings them to birth, but has no physical contact with them. (7)

Angels, elohim, beings of whatever dimension, realms no matter how rarified and ethereal, still belong to the Phenomenal. Only the Formless itself is the Transcendental.

Third, it is not credible to represent the cosmic male creating the Andromedan galaxy because, as Kavassilas explains, “andros” means husband and the cosmic female the Milky Way Galaxy because “milky way” refers to the nurturing mother’s milk. Word derivations explain nothing.

Kavassilas working in that way is superimposing human characteristics on something that is not human.

In my view, this is a faulty explanation that shows the presence in his argumentation of unreliable reasoning.

Fourth, why the male and female aspects of the universe should so favor two galaxies above all others makes no sense to me since God at that level is impartial, despite what Hollywood says on the subject (see The Titans, for example).

Kavassilas’s whole explanation of how the cosmic male and female operate is my first example of his lack of credibility.

Now let me give you a second example. He has already acknowledged that he recognizes a cosmic male and female. However, in another statement he misrepresents another version of that same male/female.

He gives what is in my view a false “cosmology” to Osiris and Horus.

There are actually three “aspects” to God involved in the physical universe. I’ve mentioned two: the Transcendental and the Phenomenal.

But there is a third: the Transcendental in the Phenomenal.

Christians call these three the Father (T), Son (T in P), and Holy Ghost (P). Hindus call them Brahman (T), Atman (T in P), and Shakti (P).

The Son, Christ, Pearl of great price, the Treasure buried in a field, great Fish among fish, measure of meal that leavens the whole loaf, and mustard seed that grows into a great tree is what Hindus call the Self or Atman and Buddhists the Buddha Nature or Original Face. The Father took a divine spark and hid it in the hearts of every form, as the Self, Christ, or Atman. Our job is to know it and, the moment we do, God meets God, which is the reason why and the moment for which the world was created. (8)

Having shown that he knows nothing of the three great forces at work in the universe, he confirms it a second time with his description of Anu, allegedly the first Anunnaki.

Kavassilas states that Anu “is known [in Egypt] as Osiris. … His lower aspect is Horus.” (9)

Since he knows that Horus is the “lower aspect” of Osiris, I see no reason why he would not recognize Osiris as what Christians call the “Father” and Horus as what they call the “Son.”

But he does not. He associates the name Orisis with Anu.

No pass again to Kavassilas. Osiris, Isis, and Horus are Egyptian names for the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, the Transcendental, the Transcendental in the Phenomenal, and the Phenomenal.

Again, if Kavassilas has had “vast and varied” experiences, including removing the whole of his consciousness from his body and going to the Thirteenth Dimension, these very basic and unavoidable relationships in the cosmos should have been the first things laid bare to him. They are the great mysteries that enlightenment resolves.

He would have known his Self (the Christ, the Atman) right away as what left his body (if everything left). He would have known the entire cosmos as being the body of the Divine Mother (he calls Mother Gaia the Divine Mother – no again), And, if he reached the Thirteenth Dimension, it would probably have been unavoidable that he would have known the Father (the Transcendent Being, Brahman).

But apparently he does not know any of them.

Major, major credibility problems in cosmology. Far too basic for me to brush over lightly.

And since he does not attribute his knowledge to other students of the question, but says he knows it on the basis of his own vast and varied experiences, one must judge those experiences on what he knows – or doesn’t know. In fact he does not know the basic verities of the universe at all. They remain an unsolved mystery to him.

So his handling of the cosmic male and female, his account of the rise of the Andromedan and Milky Way Galaxies, and his description of Osiris and Horus come across as unreliable to me.

As I go deeper into other things Kavassilas says, like his descriptions of the P52 (Present plus 52,000 years) Orion Nordics as being shape-shifted crocodilian reptiles and fake Anunnaki, I find more credibility problems. That description as well breaks down under examination.

Just picking one or two elements from it, his notion that all depends on this vast empire centered on a Star in Orion’s belt makes no sense when the rest of our credible sources say nothing of the sort.

To hold that “the Galactic Federation originates … in Orion” (10) is not in my view a correct statement. My understanding is that it originates in a great number of areas. The council in which we will participate is on Sirius, and is not Orion Nordic. Says Sheldan Nidle’s sources:

Our first contact with you will be a grand and glorious reunion. It will welcome you back to your true home - the Galactic Federation of Light. This organization includes over 200,000 Star-Nations, Star Leagues and reciprocal alliances. To celebrate the bestowal of full sentiency upon us Humans, our allies have graciously established the Galactic Federation Headquarters in the Vega system. The Galactic Federation is subdivided into 24 Regional Councils. The Regional Council in which you will participate is located in the Sirius Star System, on the fourth Planet of the Sirius B System. (11)

We Sirians are only part of a vast contingent of galactic humans in this first contact fleet. Other groups originate in the Pleiades and tens of thousands of worlds that encircle the distant stars of the constellations Andromeda and Cassiopeia. They also come from solar systems in Aries, Perseus and Pegasus, and from stars, such as Bernard's star and Alpha Centauri, much closer to your Sun. These amazing Beings have arrived to serve you and, at the appropriate time, intend to arrive en masse upon your lovely shores. (12)

Nidle says that the ships closest to the Earth are Arcturian, Andromedan, Pleiadian, and Sirian, none from Orion. (13) Again I don’t know that as a truth but prefer Nidle’s account to Kavassilas’s.

Against these accounts, Kavassilas maintains that the GF “come from a planet called ‘Despora.’ That’s what they call it. … The reason they call it Despora is because it comes from a Greek word, … diaspora, which means the ones who are separate from the rest. It means the ones who are the chosen ones, the enlightened ones.” (14)

To assign so much prominence throughout galactic history to the classical Greek language, which developed on Earth for a short time and then declined as a living tongue, is to me unwarranted and is another example of an unreliable explanation based on apparently-meaningless linguistic distinctions. But this type of irrelevant explanation is a feature of Kavassilas’s argumentation.

The P52s played a role in the early history of terrestrial treaty negotiations but do not play a role in any First Contact plans I have heard.

So Kavassilas is talking about a group that we do not even hear of from the spiritual hierachy and Galactic Federation sources.

The only mention of a group close to the P52s is one statement recently made by Atmos that “the Greys have been the ‘fly in the ointment’ as their presence and actions have conveyed a false impression of the intent behind visitations to Earth.” (15) By “Greys” he meant the small greys or P45 Zeta Reticuli. (16)

A fly in the ointment is a way of saying a minor inconvenience.

I predict that no fake-Anunnaki, shape-shifting crocodilian reptilians, to use Kavassilas's terms, (17) will land in force ahead of the Galactic Federation on the day of first contact, somehow to the exclusion of the fleet that we know as the “Galactic Federation,” invite us aboard, and take us as slaves to Mars.

I prefer the sources that say that the reptilians among us who were hostile are gone and the reptilians among us who are not hostile are helping us and are not permitted close to the Earth. (18) The former Anunnaki are allegedly now assisting the GF, according to Nidle.

The former Anunnaki … play a pivotal role in these operations, as no one in the Galactic Federation knows your societies as well as they do.

Consequently, their counsel has at times been invaluable. Their advice, tailored to the strict guidelines of the Ascended Masters, has often helped us to negotiate successfully with our Earth Allies. Their joint recommendations have helped us time and again to successfully anticipate and defuse the endless machinations of your last Dark Cabal. (19)

Recently Matthew Ward denied rumours that dark civilizations could make a landing on the Earth:

Civilizations steeped in darkness cannot make mass landings because they will not approach the protective grid of Christed light energy that surrounds the planet--light is anathema to their dark essence. Souls of both the light and the dark forces are living among the populace--as Earth rises into higher vibratory levels where the light is still more intense, the dark souls will embrace the light or leave the planet. (20)

One can see potential contradictions emerging from Kavassilas’s account of the dark Orion Nordics that he says compose the Galactic Federaton.

[The Galactic Federation] are a blond-haired, blue-eyed race. … These beings are so beautiful, so angelic looking, and so incredibly evil. They way they handle you and the things they do to you…. These were all reptilians but these beings have evolved. They have changed containers. They no longer look reptilian. (21)

Later Kavassilas says that these Nordic Orions are P52s:

These Orion Nordics, or P52s, as they call them around Area 51 or whatever, their codes for them, the shadow government has all these codes, they are lying to you. They are lying to you through the teeth. (22)

Now let’s stop and think for a moment. What does the phrase “P52” mean? It means that this civilization has come from 52,000 years in the future. But it also means that this civilization is us; it is a human civilization, one of at least two that survived the catastrophe that is alleged to have happened in 2012 on a former timeline that the Galactic Federation has erased, according to Burisch. (23)

Do I know that this allegation of timelines is true? No, I have no idea.

But the contradiction is that Kavassilas calls the Orion Nordics, or P52s, a reptilian civilization. If it is, then we are too since they are us, come back to warn us and help us avert a calamity from their past. (24)

Are we reptilians? No. Then how can the P52s be?

Why would a reptilian civilization want to change its outer container to look human? Matthew Ward provides us with a conversation from a reptilian hailing from a friendly civilization who feels no such desire. (25) What is inherently better about a human container – to a reptilian? Is this not an anthropocentric illusion?

In any case, Kavassilas offers a simple prescription for anyone who has any fear about his scenario: if one is afraid, simply do not enter a space craft until after Ascension. Kavassilas says that the P52s want to take willing people who board their craft to Mars to live a life of slavery. Don’t go on any ships. End of discussion.

He says that the P52s have not a hope of succeeding overall in the final analysis. “There’s no way in hell they’re going to win. It’s over. It was finished a long time ago,” he says. (26) If they have not a hope of succeeding, then it would seem that we are in someone’s good hands. Let me now turn to Kavassilas’s prediction that the whole crust of the Earth is going to melt away.

This whole ecosystem on the Earth has to go. A lot of people think Ascension is, alright, we’re just going to slowly merge into newer technologies, and we’re going to go back to nature, and everything is going to be beautiful. Well, wait a minute. How can you have a bunch of enlightened beings walking a planetary body while all around them everything is death and destruction. Lions eat zebras. … Everything consumes everything else. What people don’t understand is that this whole ecosystem has to go as well. … It’s a contradictory stuation to have a planet full of enlightened beings while they are inside an environment that is totally, totally barbaric around them. It makes no sense. …

“The whole outer crust of this Earth is going to melt away.” (27)

Several Galactic-Federation voices dispute this allegation.

Atmos of Sirius, for instance, states that any Earth changes that will happen are not to be feared but have been considered and planned for:

Many changes … will take you forward to another advanced level that comes with Ascension. There is also Mother Earth to be considered, as like you there are levels she needs to attain for her own evolutionary upliftment. You are ascending together and will experience changes together, and if there are dramatic cleansing activities needed you will not suffer in consequence. There are a number of options open to us to protect you, so you need not have any fear as to the outcome. (28)

Ker-On of Venus reassures us:

Let me be quite clear that the Earth will not be destroyed, and there will be no mass deaths that will decimate the population. This is where the Galactic Federation comes in as your guardians and protectors, a responsibility that has been theirs for many thousands of years.

Our presence is your assurance that there will no major destruction in your time, beyond that which Mother Earth sees as necessary to cleanse the planet. We are here to see you safely ascend, and with as little inconvenience as possible. You will understand better when the time soon arrives, and through open contact we can talk with you about the plans for Earth and its survival (29)

Finally here is Matthew Ward on a variant of the subject:

Some information falsely claims that the light forces will evacuate Earth's residents before the cleansing destroys much of the planet, and when the people are returned, they will have to live underground because the surface will be uninhabitable. Mass evacuation will not be necessary for any reason, and far from Earth's surface becoming uninhabitable, it will be restored to its original paradise. (30)

And again:

Since numerous specific timeframes for earthquakes and tsunamis with the force to kill billions have come and gone and those predicted events did not occur, you can see why it is not logical or sensible to feel fearful about something you may never experience.

It is true that Earth must release more negativity and her natural means is geophysical events, so those will continue until the need no longer exists; however, the advanced technology of our universal family nearby the planet will continue to reduce the destructive power of manmade or naturally-occurring quakes, storms and volcanic eruptions.

While we cannot tell you that no lives will be lost and no damage will result, with absolute certainty we say that reports about spacecraft carrying out mass evacuation of the peoples are false—it will not be necessary! (31)

There is no way to conclusively know the truth of any of these allegations, pro or con. It may be uncomfortable. It may be the question of the moment. But it isn’t one that can be decisively be decided by any proof of which I’m aware. We can only test the credibility of any account we come across.

I can safely say that I feel fear and anxiety reading Kavassilas and peace and anticipation reading the GF authors. Given that Kavassilas supplies no more proof than the GF authors, and given the credibility problems I find in Kavassilas, I prefer the version given by the galactics.




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