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Share Till It Hurts


The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Spiritual Essays

[To members of the Galactic Round Table.]

Introduce yourselves.

Tell us what we need to know about you.

If you shared but played your cards close to your chest, acknowledge it and share what you didn't share the first time.

Tell us what you didn't want to share, without knowing which we don’t know you.

What we withhold controls us and kills our aliveness. What we resist persists.

Look to see if you’re selling us an image. Notice that image and then let it go and tell us who you really are.

What does your life depend on us not finding out about you? Notice and communicate it. Notice how your aliveness goes up a notch. This is emergence.

The ability to express love arises with taking personal responsibility for the past, communicating what remains incomplete, and then continuing from that moment on to express yourself fully and harmlessly.

The person who switches from drama, story, and victimization to truth, self-expression, and personal responsibility is emerging.

We are here to emerge. Mark Huber's shares are like a drumbeat, telling us, "Not much time left before everything takes off. You'll then have to go with what you have. No practicing then. The lights will go up, the curtain will rise, and the performance will begin. All of a sudden, it's show time!"

This is the dress rehearsal. Start now. Tell us what you've never told anyone else before.

Here are examples from my own life.

I was once fired for writing a book on enlightenment on company time. My first marriage collapsed under the strains of the "free love" revolution of the early Seventies. I was a lousy father. I once nearly blew a Ph.D. oral exam by being flip. My vibes were so aggressive in the early 1970s that I induced one student in a class to take a swing at me. I then took him down to the ground and scared the living daylights out of him. I was one bad bada$$.

Those are examples of things that my whole identity seems to revolve around you not knowing. They are withholds. Yes, they may seem a wee bit off the group's focus, but they are still the parts of me I hide. If I want to emerge and be fully ready to serve after the curtain rises, I must be free of my withholds, my unfinished business.

I am not suggesting that you say anything you feel really uncomfortable with. These are really safe shares for me. I censored the truly tough ones lest my face fall absolutely off. (But I did notice what they were.)

I feel released from these matters, having shared them with you. I have shared something a liitle more real than simply saying "I was a graduate of XX university and a wrote a book on ZZ."

Swing out a bit and tell us what we need to know about you - within parameters where you still feel safe. Play your edge between comfort and discomfort. Take a step or two into your discomfort zone, but don't abandon your comfort zone altogether.

Disclose a little more about yourself and then a little more.

Or not if that's what seems right for you. This is an opportunity and not a "have to do."

I pass the talking stick.


The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Spiritual Essays