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The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Introducing the Galactic Federation

Written: July 6, 2009.
Revised: July 10, 2009.

The spiritual hierarchy responsible for earth’s development was forecasting the coming of a New Age, or New Dispensation, as far back as the mid-1870s.

A group of 49 exalted spirits led by the prophet Malachi spoke through the Rev. Stainton Moses in a book called Spirit Teachings, which became one of the earliest classics of British spiritualism. The group used different words, but I believe we can make the connection.

“What you are now witnessing are the signs and wonders that prelude the opening of a new dispensation. [SB: i.e., a New Era or Golden Age.] … Ye know not how great is the work that is being done; how vast the vista that is being opened.

“Never before has there been such an outpouring of Divine Love as now. Silent influences are at work in men’s minds. All over the world they are being prepared to receive the teaching we are giving you here.

“Should it be necessary for the furtherance of this mission, other great Intelligences will return [SB: Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus], and bring their magnetic force to bear upon the Earth. At present it is not needed, as the work is progressing. You are living in one of the remarkable epochs of the Earth.

“The old creed must die before the new can be received; but it will die hard, as round it still linger the associations of many ages; but it is fast dying out, never to live again. Happy are ye, living in this age, and learning these new truths, if ye rightly appreciate and use the blessing.” (1)

The spiritual hierarchy again put the message out in the mid-20th Century, through the popular British spiritualist teacher Silver Birch.

“We are, like John the Baptist, preparing the way for the world that is to be [SB: that is, a New Age], where peace, harmony, love, compassion, co-operation and concord reign, where violence is forgotten and all will strive to serve and help one another, and transform the Earth into the kingdom of heaven that it can and will be [SB: in a Golden Age]. ….

“Together we form part of the vast army of the spirit which is engaged in a very important campaign. …

“I have taken counsel with the wise ones who are part of the hierarchy charged with the vital task … on which we are all engaged. [That task] is to demonstrate the supremacy of the spirit and all its accompanying gifts so that your world may become richer in beauty and grandeur.

“Gradually it will rid itself of the greed, selfishness, disruption, violence and all that prevents it from being the kingdom of heaven upon earth [SB: i.e., with Ascension].” (2)

The group that represents the terrestrial spiritual hierarchy and whose task it is to look after and educate humanity is called the “White Brotherhood.” We are familiar with its leading members like Sananda, St. Germaine, Lady Master Nada, and Lord Kuthumi.

The White Brotherhood (WB) directs the actions of the Galactic Federation (GF).

Let us begin with Diane of Sirius, who acknowledges the unity of masters, galactics, and celestials at the higher levels. “The highest Orders and Councils are one in a Brotherhood of Light.” (3) At the operational level, SaLuSa of Sirius states that “we of the Galactic Federation” are a “part of an active organization that comes under the direction of the White Brotherhood, committed to bringing Light to Earth.” (4)

Captain Ashtar, commander of the galactic fleet, also acknowledges the direction of the WB: “Our current mission is to assist Mother Gaia, including you and all of her kingdoms, to shift into the fifth dimension and the long-awaited Golden Age. We are working with Sananda [who overlit Jesus], St. Germaine, and the entire company of ascended masters from your planet.” (5) Nidle’s sources also recognize these reporting lines: “Our Divine Supervisors [are] Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy [of] Ascended Masters.” (6) This company of ascended masters is the White Brotherhood. “With help from the Ascended Masters, Heaven has put herself firmly in charge of these events.” (7)

Recently, Archangel Michael, speaking through Ronna Herman, gave a useful introduction to the White Brotherhood.

“In the occult wisdom teachings of the 1900's, The Great White Brotherhood was often mentioned. It was not intended that the term White Brotherhood was to define a color or race, but was a reference to the Light of God which is expressed as being crystalline white. Nor was it meant to infer that it was exclusively a masculine group, for there were/are many female masters who have always served in high-level positions in what has been called the Spiritual Hierarchy or the Cosmic Board.

“The members of the ancient, cosmic Great White Brotherhood are a part of the Order of Melchizedek and consist of numerous ascended masters of the Earth, both male and female, as well as highly evolved, non-physical Spiritual Beings from all areas of this universe.

“In the past, they assisted humanity from within the various retreats and ashrams which were strategically placed around the world. These exalted Beings now reside in the various Celestial Cities of Light around the world. Those of you who are actively on the ascension path and have integrated a measure of fifth-dimensional frequencies within your physical vessel may now make nightly sojourns in your etheric body to the classrooms within the Light Cities in order to accelerate the ascension process.” (8)

The WB is not the sum total of spiritual leadership, as Helena Blavatsky reminds us.

“The White Brotherhood is not the only part of the Hierarchy…. The Hierarchy of beings who keep the stars in the sky, the planets in their orbits, physical life functioning, and physical consciousness growing is much larger than just the White Brotherhood.” (9)

But it is the local company of ascended masters whose task it is to join with the galactics to mount the 2012 operation of planetary transformation.

We have identified two of the leading actors in the 2012 project of planetary transformation: the White Brotherhood and the Galactic Federation.

The third leading actor is an army of military, financial, and other allies, whose task it is to contain and defeat the Dark secret societies. They are known generally either as the “White Knights,” Earth Allies,” or “Faction 3” (Factions 1 and 2 being the Rothschild and Rockefeller Iluminati).

The fourth group of leading actors is the dark forces. They also have their extraterrestrial and terrestrial arms, who have successfully controlled the terrestrial human population for many centuries, or millennia. We shall be looking at the dark forces and the Earth allies later.

The galactics recognize that there must be coherent leadership and willingly submit to it in service of the divine will. There is no ego involved among ascended beings. SaLuSa’s words on the subject lay out some important ways in which ascended society operates differently than 3D terrestrial society.

“Of course there are leaders and Beings that by spiritual advancement are above others because of their levels of consciousness. However, it is not used in any sense of feeling superior.

“Naturally other Beings look up to those who are more evolved, but there is no self-adoration involved. You will usually find that they [the more evolved] are extremely humble and have no illusions of grandeur.” (10)

“All in all, the love of self is important but not to the extent that it is to the detriment or abuse of others. However, many a problem has arisen over the so-called “respect” demanded by those who are ego-centred.

“In the eyes of those who have already ascended, no soul is looked upon as superior to another, but recognition is given to those who have a highly developed consciousness. Neither therefore are any souls looked down upon, as all are considered equal.

“On Earth you measure status by wealth, power, or title but none have any value away from [Earth]. You might ask how you assess yourself, and, if you are on a spiritual path, it is by the level of your spiritual consciousness and perhaps even more importantly, how you apply it in your everyday life.” (11)

Thus we have now identified three leading actors in the 2012 scenario on the part of the Light – the White Brotherhood, the Galactic Federation, and their Earth allies, about whom we will say more later. We have seen that the GF acknowledges that it works under the direction of the WB and its attitude towards co-operation.


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The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Introducing the Galactic Federation