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The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Ascension and the Coming Golden Age

Last revised: Aug. 24, 2009.

Having just been through a tremendous disappointment by listening to predictions that did not materialize and stories that made large, unsupportable claims for a small group of people, members of Share11 are probably better-educated consumers now, unwilling to easily accept a second set of potentially-false predictions.

And yet here I come, with another set of predictions under my arm, ready to sell to all who listen.

In the face of this, we need to be realistic about all aspects of the choice that faces us here.

We need to realize whom we are reading. These predictions are based largely on the writings of four people: Mike Quinsey, Suzy Ward, John Smallman, and Sheldan Nidle, with the odd contribution from several others like Michelle Eloff, Ronna Herman, etc.

It’s not a small group because that’s what I’ve read; I’ve read more. It is a small group because these people are those whom I’ve judged to be relatively reliable. Even among their number, Nidle especially is a person whose claims I weigh carefully before including.

But if I make it a much smaller group, we’d have “Ascension According to SaLuSa.” As good as SaLuSa is, I need to show you that there is some agreement among channels.

I’m not reproducing evidence like the Mayan calendar which also supported my choice. Instead I concentrated on channeled messages from ascended masters, galactics, and celestials. I’ve wanted to keep this account easily comprehensible to a discussion group, rather than write a heavy tome.

What we heard in the last two chapters, if we are to look at matters in the cold light of day, could be considered the “bait” of this prediction set – the idea that the planet faces a global transformation in a future time fast approaching. We are “buying” the idea of an “Ascension” that will bring us unitive consciousness, global abundance, and absolute bliss.

As educated consumers, we next have to consider what we’ll hear in the chapter that follows (on the Divine Plan) because it contains the “hook.” I have paused between offering the bait and the hook to ask you to reflect.

The bait of the promise of Ascension rests on the hook of the claim of a Divine origin for the whole Ascension operation. The next chapter says that the Ascension mission was planned long ago, is divinely ordained, faces certain success, and has a divine schedule of which we know only one date for certain; namely, Ascension itself happening by Dec. 23rd, 2012. (1)

It’s the clincher, the deal-maker.

Many people will probably feel convinced of the soundness of the entire argument upon reading that chapter and say to themselves: “Oh, well, the plan comes from God.” Seeing this, they will accept the account.

It’s like you, having looked over the car, asking me: “How do I know I’m buying a good car?” And me replying: “It was made by Lamborghini.”

I consider myself a relatively-discerning fish and I myself have swallowed bait and hook. As an adult, I am responsible for that choice – to my family, friends, and Share11 partners. I cannot prove any of it conclusively but I have made the choice based on persuasive evidence.

I accept the notion of Ascension. I accept it as part of the Divine Plan for Earth and the events that flow from it. I accept that these events follow a divine schedule with ultimate deadlines, culminating on Dec. 23rd, 2012, the date given for Ascension itself.

In the process, I’ve accepted the need to manage the tugs of anticipation, the counterclaims that the date has been moved ahead, the worries about who is responsible for which part of the plan and are they performing well, etc.

I’m reproducing for you in these pages the evidence that had me accept that notion.

Your response to what you read here determines whether you too will consciously accept the claims as well.

So be aware, as you read, of what is happening inside your body, mind, and heart. Consider carefully if the evidence is enough for you to accept the claims.

Consider who is saying what. Notice at what point you accept the account, if you do. Be aware of which claims in particular convinced you.

Having seen the juicy bait, floating in such ample proportion in the clear, blue waters, if you decide to read further and bite on it, then let the buyer beware. If we are going to give ourselves to some great cause or idea, let us do so consciously.




(1) [Ascension] will be a wonderful experience and you will be fully prepared for it beforehand. It has always been the intention that it will centre around the 23rd December 2012. (Atmos, Jan. 28, 2009, at http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/First_Contact/Channeled_Messages_by_Mike_Quinsey.htm.)


The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Ascension and the Coming Golden Age

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