The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Introducing the Galactic Federation

Last revised: July 7, 2009.

On American Independence Day, I felt the inner prompting to begin a book on the Galactic Federation (GF).

It was to be a top-level introduction to the subject, designed for adults and children who had not encountered the GF before. It was to stay out of long chronologies, lists of names, and technical details.

It was to demonstrated the relationships that existed among the GF, its directors, the White Brotherhood (WB), and its allies, the “White Knights” or “Faction 3” (Factions 1 and 2 being the Rothschild and Rockefeller Illuminati).

It was to keep its focus on the recent past – since World War II – and give a simple overview of events since then and events up to the year 2012.

The whole project, mission or operation that the terrestrial hierarchy and galactic fleet have come together to create I have called the “2012 scenario.” I used those words not because the Ascension, which is at the heart of the scenario, will necessarily come in the year 20122, but because it has become associated with the year 2012 in many people’s minds.

Mayan prophecies predict Ascension will occur on Dec. 21, 2012, but the galactics and hierarchy are continually adjusting timelines so that it could come sooner.

The 2012 scenario holds that the galactics and hierarchy are mountiung an operating that has four general components or phases.

The first phase is “accountability.” It will see the rounding up and trying of all members of the Dark forces responsible for war crimes, economic treason, and other major crimes against humanity that have been committed in the name of the dark cabala which sought to seize power over Earth. That phase is occurring as we speak.

The second phase with be the announcement and inauguration of a “wisdom economy” or “NESARA” (standing for the National Economic Security and Reformation Act). This new economy is designed to see Earth from the time of the announcements through the period of Ascension, after which currencies and economies will no longer be needed, in the form they are known today.

The third phase is commonly called “First Contact.” It will see the galactic fleet, which will also have “decloaked” briefly at the time of the NESARA Announcements, now land on the Earth and the members of the fleet will begin their work with terrestrials, preparing them for the coming Ascension in the Age of Aquarius that began this year.

The fourth phase is “Ascension” itself, which will see the Planet Earth and all its inhabitants who agree to and qualify ascend from the three-dimensionality of the physical plane to the fifth-dimensionality of what I believe to be the mental plane.

Terra Nova will see us take our now-crystalline-based physical bodies with us, become younger, live longer, and be filled with joy, peace, and wisdom. It comes as the crowing event at the end of the present Earthly cycle and includes many other planets and star systems in our universe.

If I produce a simply-comprehensible overview of the galactic role in the whole operation, I will be happy.

Scientists have been distracting our attention for years looking for “life on Mars,” etc. Join me now in looking at that life, that has travelled here to Earth, to show us its spiritual and technological excellence and invite us to join its ranks.


Steve Beckow


The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Introducing the Galactic Federation