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Higher Dimensionality


The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Spiritual Essays

Last revised: June 22, 2009.

Imagine you are walking through the ornate doors of a chateau. Before you is a high-ceilinged room, perhaps three stories tall. On either side is a semicircular staircase, the right side for coming down from the upper storey to the main floor, the left side for going up.

Now see people walking down and up the staircases.

This image has been used by spiritual teachers since ancient times to convey the total journey of life, away from the formless God into form and back again. Jacob saw God at the top of a stairway to Heaven, the Origin and Destination of life. Hafiz saw the Door of the Beloved at the top of a staircase of existence.

Let us borrow this image and say that all life leaves the Formless and enters form and, as it passes down the one staircase, it contracts in on itself.

It contracts not just on the physical level, but, on the spiritual level as well, where at last it creates an ego which is composed of simple resistance.

I attended a spiritual workshop this weekend where the leader, an enlightened gent named Jade, used the same process I’ve been describing here (“be with” your old business) and, in the course of his work, said that the ego was a “No” to the Soul’s “Yes.” To get back to the Soul, we need to be a “Yes” to the ego’s “No.”

The ego’s survival depends on resistance.

The whole descending staircase depends on resistance. It is the contracting way.

One could say that 3D is the halfway point because we begin to learn about and practice acceptance or the expanding way. There may be lower levels than 3D; I have heard rumours of it, but I know nothing about them.

For all intents and purposes, as far as I know, this is as bad as contracting gets.

I think we have a pretty good common-sense impression of contraction. The mantra for contraction is “I want.” The knot in consciousness we consider as our “I” endlessly wants desirable objects and will, in the worst cases, cheat, steal and kill to get them.

So much for 3D, duality, or whatever you wish to call it.

Now we leave the downward staircase of contraction and put our foot on the upward staircase of expansion. We are headed for the experience of Ascension, which will be the largest upward step most of us have taken so far.

As we contemplate the upward staircase, there are some things we need to consider about higher dimensionality.

As I’ve said, I’m not an enlightened man, merely a student of these subjects. But I have read about other “dimensions,” to use Mark’s word. I had heard them described as “planes.” But both words point to the same thing.

In my Father’s house are many mansions, and one way to divide up those mansions is to speak of dimensions or planes.

Let us discuss some aspects of higher dimensions, according to the people I heard it from (post-mortem travelers, life-after-death communicators) as well from the masters, celestials, and galactics we are currently listening to.

Some of these matters will be self-evident or obvious to you. Please forgive me for mentioning what you already know. Some may not be.

There may be some children who don’t know about these things and may want to. (There may be some children who know about these things and may want their parents to.)

The first is that as we go higher in dimension, up the ascending staircase, we don’t contract but expand. It becomes easier to breathe; new potentialities open up to us; we experience love (or bliss) and, well, I do know this one, love (or bliss) brings along with it greater knowledge. Love is the carrier of knowledge, as Jade pointed out in his workshop.

So the higher dimensionally we go, as a rule, the more we love, the more we know, and the more peaceful we feel.

That also means that the higher we go, the more loving, wiser, and more peaceful are the individuals we meet. Here now is a funny thing. When we go really high, we meet people who are addressed as “Master” and “Lord.” Master Kuthumi. The Lord Buddha. Some of these regal beings are said to be a planetary logos and some to be the ruler of constellations.

But if you were to meet them, would you be meeting a hateful Pharoah or a tyrannical Queen? Absolutely not.

Ramses the Third and Henry the Eighth went “down,” so to speak, carrying their treachery and arbitrariness with them. But even they too have probably been taken in hand by loving spirits and shown how to mount the ascending staircase.

Death engines and dungeon cells do not exist on the higher realms. We have to leave all that behind, along with the fear that goes with them, as we ascend the upward staircase.

In a higher dimension, you would meet a person of such love, peace, and wisdom that you would feel yourself compelled to bow the head before them. Nothing else would be more appropriate. Theirs would be a native virtue.

So we need first of all to understand that, in general, the higher we go, the more regal are the individuals we meet, and the more allowing too. They are masterful and authoritative, but also loving and empowering. They are not there to subjugate us, but to liberate us.

The second thing about higher dimensions is that, in many ways they resemble lower – for instance, they have trees and flowers and lakes. But the qualities of these similar objects are ever so much more subtle, interactive, and uplifting than their counterparts below. Flowers emit music. Trees provide fruits that rejuvenate. The water in lakes sings and runs off our clothes without leaving us wet.

But, if we see the same objects as we ascend, we find ourselves less and less able to communicate details about them to those on dimensions below. The language of the last plane is not adequate to encompass the sights and splendours of the planes above. So we encounter a real difficulty in communicating and you will be hearing more and more celestials and galactics referring to this.

The third thing about higher dimensions is that the residents of them are invisible to us, though we may be visible to them. They can travel to our plane, and even become visible to us (as with the “decloaking”), but only with special permission and sometimes only under special arrangements can we visit their higher plane.

We have heard a great deal about events of the last week, many of which went on at higher levels of existence than the one we live our lives on. Both Mark and Beth, and I believe Terrence and Kauwila as well, were either able or enabled to work on those planes and they removed dark entities from them.

Could we see those entities? No. Could we see the “human farm” or the New Jersey mansion? Not if it was on a higher plane.

In fact, a very great deal of the massive galactic and celestial operations that are happening all around us appear to be happening in higher dimensions and we are not able to see any of them.

Just as the spirit travelers in the afterlife use mediums to communicate to us, so do the masters, celestials, and galactics in this current operation use mediums. Soon that will change and they’ll speak telepathically to us, but that is just to say that we’ll become mediums too, in a manner of speaking.

So the higher the ascension staircase we climb, the more expanded we feel, the more love, peace, and wisdom we access, the less perceptible we are to those below, and the harder it will be to describe what we experience.

As well, the wiser, more peaceful, and more loving will be the people we meet. They will be more regal, accommodating, and allowing.

My inner voice says that that is all that needs to be said right now. When it stops moving me, my fingers fall idle on the keyboard. But please keep these matters in mind when you hear Mark and Beth’s accounts of travelling to other galaxies and dimensions.

Most of the time they are not in 3D. They may have difficulty finding words to describe what they see. Chances are they cannot bring back any proof.

We may be obliged to fall back on comparing their accounts with others who have travelled to higher dimensions. Their journeys are not dissimilar to those of postmortem travelers. (1)

We are hearing the Columbuses of our time describe the New World. We are the people of Europe, saying: “No, no, no, no. It can’t be.”

As Mark said, the best thing to do is just what you do when you enter a movie: “Suspend disbelief.”

Encounter the words unto themselves without judging. After that, discrimination kicks in: take what you like and leave the rest.




(1) New Maps of Heaven is filled with accounts of some of the same dimensions that Mark and Beth are exploring: (

Granted that it is set around terrestrial higher dimensions and Mark and Beth are leaving our galaxy behind, but the feel for the explorations may be the same.


The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Spiritual Essays