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Two Worlds Separating


The Essays of Brother Anonymous
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Last revised: Sept. 30, 2009.

Karen Bishop says we are going through a time of social reconstruction, a separation of two worlds - with the ones favoring 3D staying behind and the ones favoring 5D moving ahead.

She says that Sept. 9, 2009 - 9-9-9 - was the day the train left the station. Her notion so intrigued me that I thought I would share a portion of that message here.

For many, September 9 marked the final completion. This meant that we were absolutely and positively completely done with the old reality and lower dimensions. Thus, a massive cord was severed and we are now cut off from everything old…our prior lives, our prior roles, and our prior everything…really. ...

Yes, we had been “removed” for a while as this process unfolded, but what is different now is that the remaining tendrils are now being very suddenly severed. Like a knife cutting out and removing lower vibrating energies from our lives in one last fell swoop, any remaining cords are now being cut, seemingly whether we like it or not. If we have crossed over to the other side, we are no longer allowed these connections to those in the old reality, in ways that we have had prior.

What is occurring here is the separation of the worlds. The vast chasm between the rungs of the ascension ladder is most certainly at hand now. Around the window of time of September 9, we were asked to choose. We were asked if we wanted to move forward into the new reality, stay behind and experience the suffering, or leave the planet altogether.

Enough time had passed for each and every soul on this planet to get on board, to open to source, to examine his/her patterns and beliefs, to make changes, and to be willing to grow. The time was up. The decisions were made, and now, the results of those decisions are ... beginning to manifest. (1)

I have no idea of the truth of what Bishop says, but the metaphor of two worlds separating got me to thinking the rest of the day.

I was mulling it over when, synchronistically, I'm sure, I turned on Project Camelot's interview with Pete Peterson and David Wilcock. (2)

Peterson put out the Apocalyptic view of 2012 and Wilcock put out the Ascension view, which I call the "2012 scenario."

Peterson sees a financial collapse. So do I. He feels that America would so shut down that neighbor would be vying with neighbor for survival. I don't foresee that anywhere around me. Not because I'm somehow powerful but because I'm attracting an ascension scenario and not an apocalyptic one.

Wilcock invited him to consider the 2012 scenario, but he would have no part of it. 2012, yes, but apocalyptic.

What is the 2012 scenario that Wilcock supports and that Peterson, in his bunker (or "laboratory" as he started out calling it) will not be following?

I can only use my own words, though I could support everything that David Wilcock said on the subject.

For me, accepting the 2012 scenario means accepting that the day of the New World Order is over and that the victory of the forces of love, truth, and peace is at hand.

It means accepting that the corrupted financial structures of the old paradigm must fall in order that the wise measures of the new economy arise.

It means expecting that the criminals who caused false-flag disasters like 9/11, genocide, pandemics, weather war, illegal regime overthrows, and other instances of war crimes and crimes against humanity will be apprehended and put on trial under an uncorrupted legal system. It means expecting that they will leave our society.

It also means anticipating that the new economy will blossom and provide abundance for all on the planet.

It means expecting to meet our brothers and sisters from other planets and star systems.

It means looking forward to being much benefitted by their gifts and tutored by them on how to accomplish Ascension.

That is the best way I can describe the 2012 scenario.

I don't think Peterson intends to but he implicitly invites the separation that Bishop discusses. By the very nature of the situation, there would have to be a clear separation, a clear demarcation between Survivalists and Ascensionists.

The one represents the apotheosis of the old order of self-interest; the other represents the rise of the new paradigm of compassionate service to others.

I have difficulty seeing how the two will be able to exist in the same space as time goes on and the old order continues to fall.

In my view, these two worlds are spiritually drawing further apart. One lot may remain in 3D while the other strikes out for 5D.

In regards to the Apocalypse that Peterson fears, I accept and am counselled by the galactic view that there will be no martial law, no nuclear wars, no Armageddon, and no Earth catastrophes, all of which Peterson fears.

I know we're headed for a financial collapse, but I regard that as necessary.

I don't think we're headed for a breakdown of civil authority. The only breakdown will be in the New World Order's ability to command. I'm operating on the assumption that, no matter how bad temporary conditions become, lightworkers will be protected from the worst effects.

For me, the 2012 Train has left the station, not bound for Apocalypse, but for a Golden Age.




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The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Spiritual Essays