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D-Day: The Complete Runthrough


The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Spiritual Essays

Last revised: June 17, 2009.


Behind your question, I sense, is one on when NESARA will occur.

I can only speak for myself personally in saying that the 2012 Team (the masters, celestials, and galactics) are not releasing NESARA's date and I personally have no ability to speculate on it.

Why don't we have a wider discussion of the topic, see what the 2012 Team are up against, and then find a meaningful way for ourselves to relate to it all while waiting?

The D-Day operation as a whole is not just an operation involving NESARA. As Mark said, if NESARA funds were distributed before the gang of thieves were in jail, the latter would simply start killing people and syphoning off the money.

Nor is it an operation involving only NESARA and accountability. It also involves revealing the extraterrestrial and celestial presence to all the people of the Earth.

To describe what is required to complete the NESARA operation would take a week of articles. Affected will be currency, banking, markets, commerce, transportation, distribution - every individual business, charity, and organization that operates anywhere.

Some of it will collapse. Some of it will rise. All of it is being rejigged -- under a veil of secrecy!!!

To describe what is required to complete the accountability operation would take a second week of articles. Affected will be the military, the police, jails, prisons, lawyers, judges, political representatives, government bureaucracies, intelligence agencies, religious organizations, the press, organized crime, paramilitaries, secret space forces, on and on.

Some of the members of these various organizations have already been arrested; others will be. Others will do the arresting. Some organizations will altogether close. All of this is being addressed – again, under a veil of secrecy.

Leaving aside decloaking for a moment to just deal with these two massive operations, let us remember that the Illuminati operate in a very simple, straightforward manner. If they don't like you, they kill you. End of story, Michael Jackson, Tim Russert, Flight 3407, etc.

The 2012 Team are not like that. They respect the natural law, the law of the land, and your own karmic law (that is, your own soul contract). They do not kill; they love. So they cannot just sweep in in a Shark anti-grav helo and waste the Illuminati.

They must prepare a legal case that doesn’t just look at financial matters or even 9/11. It must cover all black ops and Illuminati control programs including the drug trade, regime overthrow, false flag operations, weather warfare, pandemics, pharmaceuticals, agribusiness, medicine, education, undermining of national economies, wars of aggression, on and on.

The 2012 Team is addressing all these matters in a lawful manner. They may swoop down on the off-planet dark guys who hid in the Inner Earth and fell under intergalactic jurisdiction. (You saw how fast that happened when it did, thanks to Beth, Madame X, and other A-teams around the world.)

The 2012 Team are cleaning up the terrestrial arm of the Illuminati according to these three levels of law – universal, terrestrial, and individual.

Do you get a sense of the massive and complex nature of the operation?

I have not addressed the decloaking yet.

While the 2012 Team is cleaning up the Earth and announcing our financial salvation to us, they will also be introducing themselves to the planet and raising our energy levels by a half a dimension.

The skies will suddenly fill with spaceships. I have a sneaking hunch that they will not only fill up with spaceships, which are extraterrestrial, but that the celestials will in some manner be a glorious part of that revelation as well.

Staging this kind of operation also needs coordination. They need to have gotten their message out to a critical mass of people, who have transitioned from being afraid of ETs to being ready to welcome them.

They must have prepared the rest of the population to the point of at least realizing that there are indeed ETs out there, without scaring the remaining Illuminati. If they scare them enough before they are arrested, they could launch Project Bluebeam and we’d see holograms of Jesus in the sky and false Star-Wars battles fought between terrestrials and “extraterrestrials.”

They also have to proceed in a manner that does not provoke the Illuminati with their own space program to turn their weapons on the people, blaming it on the ETs. Granted that the terrestrial space force does not have weapons anything like the ETs, they could still kill a few folks and the 2012 Team doesn’t want that to happen.

Eisenhower faced a huge logistical problem on D-Day, June 6, 1944. But can you see the logistical problem that the 2012 Team faces for its three-pronged operation? It is mammoth.

It is not like a difficult billiard shot where a ball is sunk after one or two banks. It is more akin to sinking all the balls on the table with one shot.

So while we are sitting here wondering when the day will be, they are juggling all these details.

In the face of this knowledge, what I personally do is what Mark suggested – “report for duty” and ask how I may serve the overall program.

Bottom line: we either believe this is happening or we don’t. If we don’t, remain in our seats and keep reading. If we do, join the line forming at the right of the room and ask for our instructions.

There is no judgment on either course of action. But, for me, being at work is more satisfying than waiting.

I need no more convincing. I’m ready for my orders. I do not believe I am joining some evil plot to take over the human race.

I’ve been studying related literature for years and I’m convinced that what has been predicted for more than a century is happening now.

This was a very long answer to your question, XXX. I’d like to say I hope I never have to walk through the details again, but I’m afraid that IS the mission I signed up for.

I’ve already reported for duty. I expect to hear the announcement when all the details are attended to. This time D-Day won’t be the start of a protracted campaign. The whole affair will be over as soon as it happens.




The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Spiritual Essays