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The Barcelona Confrontation


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Last revised: Sept. 15, 2009.

I promised myself that I would review the relevant videos and transcripts relating to the recent Barcelona dust-up, July 26, 2009, between Dr. Steven Greer and Project Camelot and comment later. I’ve done that and I have my own set of comments to make.

In the end, this is not “the truth” of anything but my own personal opinion. You are welcome to skip this post, disagree with me, or whatever you please.

The apparent heart of the Barcelona disagreement is over what Greer said, at the July 25, 2009 session of the conference that:

“By 1993 a group of us got together. We said what are we going to do? We can take this contact quite far. But we have to inform the people that we’re not alone and more importantly that these extraterrestrial civilizations are here to help us, and to understand us, and to be here when we become a mature civilization ready to go into space peacefully.

“None of them are hostile, by the way. If they were, this conference wouldn’t be happening. We wouldn’t be breathing the free air of Earth.” (1)

According to Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan, Greer had made this comment before. They cite him on their webpage as telling Art Bell in 1994, the same year he briefed Clinton on UFOs:

“The fact that you and I are still breathing the free air of Earth is abundant testimony to the fact that these civilizations are not hostile.” (2)

However, in my opinion, the more likely engine behind the disagreement is something else entirely. I think Cassidy and Ryan touch on it when they say, in their introduction to Greer on their website:

“Dr Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project is almost too well-known in the UFO research community to require an introduction. His ground-breaking Press Conference, in Washington in May 2001, was one of a number of influential factors which inspired us to found Project Camelot five years later. Our intention was to support his initiative and add further momentum, and information, to the disclosure moment at a grass-roots level.

“Yet, all was not well. Whenever a correspondent wrote to Steven Greer asking him about Project Camelot, they received a standard letter back from his office stating that Project Camelot was disinformation. And despite being extremely accessible on the UFO Conference circuit over the last three years, we had never once had the chance to meet or speak with him.” (3)

I have never seen a copy of any of these alleged letters. Nonetheless Greer does give an idea of what may have arisen that might prompt a letter questioning Project Camelot’s work. This excerpt is from his interview with Project Camelot:

“There are people who have been exposed to what they wanted them to see. This Bob Lazar was one that they then allow to speak out.

“Now the question is: What’s the agenda behind that allowing?

“I have had more than a dozen people who have worked in facilities in Dulce and in Pine Gap in Australia and other places where they have actually been growing the Gray and Reptilian species that people think are ETs.

“And the people who’ve been in the projects think they’re working alongside an alien – and they’re not. They’re absolutely what are called nano-bio-machines and they are Programmed Life Forms. There is no question that that is going on.

“So the larger question becomes: If someone comes up to you with just an empirical observation, what is it they’re seeing?” (4)

Greer appears to be saying that Majestic, the arm of the secret government responsible for aliens and alien technology, allows certain people to speak out on what are essentially small matters, such as do they fly UFOs out of Area 51? in order to deflect public attention away from larger matters, such as is the secret government producing programmed life forms?

I believe (I have no idea what the truth might be) that Greer looks upon Project Camelot as essentially interviewing people who have been allowed to speak because their information will keep the public distracted while the secret government forges ahead with the more important items on its agenda.

The Disclosure Project may have stated this view in one or more letters to inquirers. But I have no evidence on the question one way or another.

Back to the question of whether there are or are not hostile extraterrestrials out there. I trust Matthew Ward and a recent communication from Matthew Ward has settled the question.

Civilizations steeped in darkness cannot make mass landings because they will not approach the protective grid of Christed light energy that surrounds the planet--light is anathema to their dark essence. Souls of both the light and the dark forces are living among the populace--as Earth rises into higher vibratory levels where the light is still more intense, the dark souls will embrace the light or leave the planet.

However, let me give a broader opinion on the conflict between Steven Greer and Project Camelot.

My opinion, for what it is worth, is that Project Camelot feels slighted by Greer and that a resentment against him has built up since the time of that perceived slight. Kerry Cassidy in particular let that resentment fly in the interview with Greer towards the end of the Barcelona conference.

The rest of us have viewed that video and may have come away having imbibed the hostility that Cassidy expressed and have now a vague sense of uneasiness that something must be wrong with Greer to have generated that much hostility in Cassidy.

“Rafa Pal” appears to me like a second person who works with hostility in the same manner as Kerry has, consciously or unconsciously in the latter’s case. Rafa Pal appears to work with it consciously.

My work is not to be drawn into or manipulated by this use of infectious hostility. It does not indicate, per se, that something is amiss with Greer. It only indicates that Cassidy and Rafa Pal feel hostile.

It may also indicate jealousy in Cassidy towards Greer’s work. My personal opinion is that Cassidy is not in Greer’s league when it comes to statesmanship, vision, contextualization, etc.

Let me take one rather important point to illustrate what I am suggesting.

On the one hand, the question for Cassidy revolves around whether or not there are hostile aliens out there. On the other hand, for Greer the question revolves around whether or not we want to perpetuate humanity’s antagonistic wars which are based on a separative, “us against them” mentality or whether we want to risk reaching out in diplomacy to the aliens who are here, whom he feels have protected the Earth from destruction.

In my view, Cassidy is coming from an “us against them” paradigm which essentially has kept the Earth trapped in wars and destruction for millennia; Greer is coming from a paradigm that promises to see (again in my opinion) the Earth released from that cycle of destruction.

Regarding the alleged death threats, I have not been able to come across sufficient material to make comment on them. It would seem to me very improbable that a man as umbrageous and astute as Greer appears to be would do such a thing.

But I have a hunch what happened.

Greer has an affectation towards representing himself as having a certain facility with languages. He peppers his presentations with foreign phrases like “quel dommage” and “porqui?” (I have no idea if I spelled those right.)

I have a suspicion that he tried a phrase in Spanish such as “I could kill you” and dropped a terrific clanger. I have no other explanation for why a person who said the night before that he was looking forward to meeting with a Spanish inventor who claimed he had a free-energy device would the next day be accused of threatening him.

I certainly feel that Project Camelot has compromised itself enough not to be considered a reliable source on the subject.

Bill Ryan’s subsequent comment on his site seems to me to support the theory that Project Camelot is in a position of wanting to seem like a giant-killer. Bill says:

“We publicly challenged the motivation, information and agenda of Dr Steven Greer (who we are sure has bona fide connections in high places, as he claims). No-one else has ever dared to do that as we did. (We encourage others to do so, by the way. Don't be afraid of the fire you may draw. Something is very wrong with that picture. Most researchers stay silent. We called him on his false information.)” (5)

I am unimpressed with this statement. I have felt obliged to contest the bona fides of some people in the 2012 movement, but I don’t feel at all the way Bill does about it. I am horrified at having to risk creating dissension and I look back every day wondering if I did the right thing.

There is for me an element of boastfulness in this statement from Project Camelot which I am not attracted to.

On the other hand, Greer’s vision of a planet that begins a cycle of thousands of years of peace from which it emerges as interplanetary ambassadors to other worlds that need help is definitely what I call “contextual.” It attracts, inspires, and motivates whereas Ryan’s view does none of that for me.

These are my reactions to the Barcelona confrontation after having reviewed the videos and transcripts. I don’t ask that anyone agree with me.

I do ask, however, that we be aware, when we confront another’s hostile reaction, that we not simply be gripped by it and carried along by the wave it creates and is designed to create.

Even George Kavassilas says that the hostile aliens he points to have not a chance of winning in the final analysis. (6)

There is, as far as I can see, no reason for us to withdraw into fear and lash out at lightworkers, even if their manner of phrasing something could be improved.

Greer’s statement that there are no hostile aliens out there could possibly be improved. He might have said that the extraterrestrials who are here for peace far outnumber those who are here for self-serving ends.

But then how do I know if that latter statement is true or not?

Everyone has to decide whose vision they want to go with – Greer’s or Project Camelot’s.

I don’t think I can hide my own preference, but it needn’t be yours.




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The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Spiritual Essays