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Bam the Man Who Can Dazzle and Dance


The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Spiritual Essays

Last revised: 29 April 2009

Notice that you haven’t had the usual photo op of the President sitting down with his cabinet for a first meeting?

Notice the President doesn’t even have a cabinet? Least not when I last looked.

Notice that he spends his time flying around the country, making speeches to the public several times a week?

But notice as well that Bam the Man signed a large number of executive orders his very first day in office?

Who’s governing the nation?

Could it be the White Knights? Could it be they who prepared those many executive orders for signing on his first day in office? And could their efficient backstage running of the show be the reason why Bam only talks and never meets?

Could they be his “shadow cabinet”?

Could we be watching a President without a reason for producing his real program (apart from dispensing money) because he knows that we’re just a hop, skip and a jump away from a clean sweep of the bad guys and there’s no sense starting now what he could not finish once that sweep begins?

I love to hear him talk. And I know (or perhaps I believe) that abundance is only a little while away so I can afford to be patient, sit back and watch him do his old soft-shoe.

But I wonder when people will wake up to the fact that he is a leader without a government? That whatever has happened has happened miraculously, without cabinet approval and with few appointed officials?

When they start squirming, how will he explain what increasingly looks like the longest political prologue in history?

“My First 100 Days,” by Bam, the man who can dazzle and dance.


The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Spiritual Essays