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The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Spiritual Essays

Last revised: June 10, 2009.

What in the heck is this all about? Why are we stepping up to the plate month after month and buying into this talk that something is happening? Exactly what is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

The masters, celestials, and galactics have agreed to call that pot of gold “ascension.”

However, up until this time, we used another name for at least a good part of the ground covered by that term. We used the word “enlightenment” for it.

Among the galatics, SaLuSa is the main one to link ascension with enlightenment.

As he says, ascension is a process “that helps you become enlightened.” (1) “The object of working your way to Ascension is to move into a state of enlightenment, and continue to evolve.” (2)

He adds that “for those who have not yet experienced spiritual enlightenment, it is hard to convey in words how it affects the psyche.” (3)

The problem for most of us is that when good gets better, it mostly gets better in terms of the body, mind, and its senses. “Better” can be us eating a filet mignon at a fancy restaurant, or looking out from Kauwila’s Hawaiian verandah over the ocean, or feeling exhilarated having climbed a mountain.

Not to sound indelicate, but the best it gets for most of us, as Mother Sekhmet has noted several times, is orgasm. My personal belief is that was how life was planned so that we would be sure to procreate.

One characteristic of all of these “better” moments is that they are impermanent – they have a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Another characteristic is that they are the result of a heightened sensation of some kind, some sensations being more of a core experience than others. Some involve only our bodily organs like our tongue or our eyes; others involve what we would describe as the insides of our body.

But all of them arise, endure, and then disappear.

Now I’m not the one who should be discussing enlightenment. There are several of you on this board who live in the experience and should be writing this part of the piece. Until you do, I have to dip into my limited repertoire.

I have had several very transitory experiences of Self and, with all humility, I’ll venture to say that they are all a radical discontinuity in experience, in which we leave behind us the ordinary mode of knowing, feeling, and experiencing life for one that is so satisfying, so reassuring, and so peaceful that words cannot describe what we are experiencing in that state.

What we are in danger of doing when we consider Ascension is map onto our present awareness our ideas of “better.” We might think that we will be as happy as we would be if we were at our happiest of normal moments.

But the fact is that no normal pleasure, even multiplied, could approach what I imagine ascension will offer us. Mata Amritanandamayi, whom I regard as an avatar, suggests this when she says that “the happiness that we get from worldly objects is only an infinitesimal fraction of the bliss that we get from within.” (4) You can include all the examples I gave above as being “worldly objects.”

That leaves us in the position of working for a state of being about which some of us will have no idea and that can often be uncomfortable.

That brings us into going on faith and our generation has had its faith shaken by so many events.

The only possible foretaste that I can point to is to invite you to take several deep breaths. After you have released the muscles of your body as much as you can by breathing in as deeply as you possibly can, then breathe in the next time in a slow and purposeful manner.

See if, at the end of this breath, you feel a slight sensation of bliss. Now imagine if this feeling exploded. And now imagine if you lived permanently soaked in this feeling. (If this doesn’t bring tears to your eyes, go back to bootcamp and process some more.)

For those of you who have had this experience, but do not live in it daily, imagine that you did live in it daily.

Imagine that, with nothing else added, you lived in a “personal” energy field which, apart from your body’s continued though lesser demands for food, etc., nothing else was needed to be added for you to feel completely fulfilled.

You cannot draw on your memory for this because most people’s memories are of filet mignon and Hawaiian sunsets and this is so much more than that.

As the energies (which is my buzzword for everything that is happening – ley lines, grids, downloads of light, you name it) rise, it will be easier and easier to breathe in and feel that bliss.

Well, someday it will explode and be permanent.

That is what we are doing all this for. And not just for us, but as the gift we would like to give to everybody. Everyone, come on in. The water’s warm.

All the want we are suffering from now, all the waiting, all the work is for a permanent state of exaltation, sufficiency, and certainty the Galactics call “ascension” and many terrestrials call “enlightenment.”

It will so eclipse anything you have ever experienced before that all your work, waiting, and want will be washed from your memory. You will instantly say the whole round of suffering and longing was worth it. That is where we are going, all of us, the planet. Keep your eyes on the prize and THAT is the prize.


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The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Spiritual Essays