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The 2012 Scenario


The Essays of Brother Anonymous
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Feb. 23, 2009

According to Mayan, Hopi, Pueblo and other prophecies, one cycle of history is due to come to an end in December of 2012 – and another cycle begin.

Some of you may already be aware of the statements that on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, 2009, we apparently saw the sun set on the Age of Pisces and dawn on the Age of Aquarius. Others will have heard that, on that same day, the Kali Yuga or Age of Darkness reportedly ended and the Sat Yuga or Age of Truth began. Some Hindus call the Sat Yuga the "Golden Age."

The scenario I am following, whether you look at it from the Mayan perspective or from that of several other groups watching the same subject, holds that, in the year 2012, the present cycle of duality or Third-Dimensional (3D) reality will end for the greatest number of Earth residents and, together with the Planet itself, we will migrate back to the Fifth Dimension (5D), heading in the direction whence we originally came.

This event has come to be known generally, in the circles I travel in, as the "Ascension" and the period that it begins as the "Golden Age" (proper).

Some people will not come along. They are the mass murderers among us, the torturers, assassins, war criminals, financial traitors, and so on, who will choose not to go forward into the Light.

Apparently, they will remain in 3D reality. It is, and was, their choice. They will join us in the next cycle.

If one looks from today forward, then you could say I am watching a number of events, generally known as Accountability, NESARA, First Contact, and Ascension. There will be a period of perhaps two to three years between First Contact and Ascension.

"Accountability" refers to a series of events that will see the fall of a group that has held power on the Earth up till this time. This group has concentrated wealth in its own hands and has been responsible for a long list of crimes which most of us remain totally unaware of.

These crimes include 9/11, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the London bombings, the Oklahoma City bombing, HAARP-induced earthquakes and hurricanes, assassinations, global regime overthrows, torture, pandemics, poisonous chemtrails, theft of trillions, and many other acts of mass murder, crimes against humanity, and financial treason.

Society has been manipulated by this neoconservative faction and their agents in U.S. Northern Command/NORAD, Naval Intelligence, Blackwater, Whackenhut, and the alphabet agencies (NSA, CIA, MJ12, FBI, MI6, MOSSAD).

They know themselves as the "New World Order" (NWO), the "Illuminati," the military-industrial complex, the secret state, etc. Very soon the full story of what they foisted on us will be known.

You can actually go outside today, drive to the nearest airport, and say "There is no war on terror and there never was," and, provided you don’t mind being thrown in jail, you'd be accurate.

"Accountability" means that all of this is now about to come to an end. You can see it around you. One of President Obama's first acts was to issue Executive Orders that restored constitutional freedoms.

Some members of Congress are calling for the prosecution of the NWO's agents, from Bush and Cheney on down. Germany and the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Torture want American officials to stand trial for sanctioning and carrying out torture.

You can conceive of the whole NWO as a political, financial, military, educational, and media structure that is utterly collapsing. Nothing of it is destined to remain. Unfortunately we must watch what we think of as the pillars of our society collapse with them.

At the same time, another structure is rising. Because these two events are happening simultaneously, some have difficulty distinguishing between them. The second event is the building of what some people call a "Wisdom Economy" (see Zeitgeist Addendum).

Good and honest people all over the world are hard at work designing an economy that will work totally differently from the way the present one does. The present one does in fact not work and is too corrupt to ever be made to work.

The term that has come to be a code word for the Wisdom Economy is "NESARA." NESARA stands for the "National Economic Security and Reformation Act."

For years there has been a gag rule against discussing it. Some Washington journalists are trying to get around the restraints by referring to NESARA obliquely as the "Reformation Act.”

NESARA was originally an act of the American Congress, signed into law by Bill Clinton in 2000, due to be announced at 10:00 a.m. on Sept. 11, 2001. It was never announced because the tragic events of 9/11, which began around an hour earlier on that day, overwhelmed it (as they were designed to do).

Since then, by using fear tactics like declaring a "war on terror" where no “terror” had previously existed, the NWO cabal consolidated its power and tried to see that NESARA would never get announced.

NESARA has come to be a generic term for what is now a worldwide plan to end poverty on this planet. It will also end borders. It will mandate peace on Earth. It will see that all those accountable for the crimes I listed above are removed from power, prosecuted, and sent to jail.

I am certain, from months of researching this material, that we could not have done these things that I’ve just described on our own.

The people of Earth are not awake or powerful enough to have brought down the NWO cabal by themselves. Left to our own devices, our future would have seen worldwide impoverishment, enslavement, and depopulation (from 6.3 billion to a more manageable 500 million).

The latter would have been brought about by poverty, pandemics, chemtrails, GM-induced famines, artificial weather events, imprisonment in existing FEMA camps, and nuclear world wars.

For years and years, we have been told that we were on our own, that we were alone in the universe. But the truth is that we are not alone and we did not manage the fall of the NWO on our own. We had help.

Above us, in the skies, cloaked from our view and sometimes existing in higher dimensions, is a fleet of extraterrestrials of human origin, from places like the Pleiades, Sirius, Lyra, Vega, Arcturus, Andromeda and many other regions of space.

They are our family – our ancestors and, in some cases, our future. These extraterrestrial but human visitors have come to assist us with the 2012 Ascension.

Some of them have taken birth among us as starseeds. Some have walked-in to bodies after birth. Some are able to change shape and walk among us unnoticed.

They come as friends. They follow the commands of the same Heaven and the same God as we do. They are forces of love and light. We have nothing to fear from them and everything to gain from their willing assistance.

We could not have come as far as we have without their help. The people who defeated the NWO are these human space friends along with a large number of terrestrials who are variously known as their "Earth Allies" or "White Knights."

It is they who will bring in NESARA when the time is right. And it is they who will reveal themselves to us when the time for "First Contact" arrives.

We've actually had many contacts with them in the past; in fact they are responsible for seeding this planet with the human species in the first place - their own species. We are their progeny.

What we call "First Contact" is the first time that the whole planet will be aware of their presence. Even before that time but after NESARA is announced, they will begin giving us technologies that will allow us to end our dependence on oil, travel far, communicate quickly, and cure most diseases among us.

They will give us devices that will allow us to see to all our food, clothing and other needs without having to produce them in factories.

Eventually, there will be no such thing as poverty or disease on Planet Earth. There will be no such thing as religions that fight with one another. There will be no such thing as wars.

Our space brothers and sisters will prepare us for our 2012 Ascension. Apparently, what we will see when they arrive defies imagination. Their simple presence in the sky will have such an uplifting effect on us that we will not be the same from that moment on.

The governments of the world have ridiculed the idea that there are extraterrestrial craft in our skies.

But one by one, France, Great Britain, Denmark, Brazil, and Canada have opened their files and shown that they have known for decades about the ET presence.

In fact, the U.S. military has benefited for years from technology transfers (anti-gravity technology, the computer chip, fibreoptics, Teflon, the “Looking Glass” [google], stealth technology).

I have told the story as if we terrestrials played the major part in it and as if our own power and knowledge are what have driven events. But I am pretty sure that it would be safer to say that the extraterrestrial influence has driven events. I don't believe that the overthrow of the NWO and the crafting of the Wisdom Economy could have been done without their efforts.

It is only now, in my estimation, that we are reaching a point where we are awake enough and enough in possession of a sense of power that we can do our share of the work needed to remove the remaining cabalists from power and usher in the Reformation Act.

If you wish to know more about 2012 and the Mayan Calendar, look for any videos by Ian Xel Lungold, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Barbara Hand Clow, or Andi Mac and Jag Steward. If you wish to know about the ET presence, go to my website, "First Contact," .

If you want the best intelligence available on day-to-day matters, go to Galactic Round Table-News, at

If you want to view a range of videos by terrestrials on these topics, go to Project Camelot or Conscious Media Network. Youtube and Google Video are also full of videos on these topics, including UFOs: The Greatest Story Ever Denied.

For written channelings on the subject, go to Mike Quinsey's site,, Sheldan Nidle's, (see page bottom), or Matthew's Messages, . These are three out of an ever-expanding number of people writing on these matters as we draw closer to these events.

Because one structure is falling while a second emerges, our world looks somewhat chaotic at the moment. But, if these reports are to be believed, in fact we are headed for a Golden Age in which our future is assured.

The more we step out and read the signs of the times, recognizing what is happening around us, the quicker will Terra Nova arise.

The author is a former Member of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada and the author of several Internet books on cross-cultural spirituality.


The Essays of Brother Anonymous
Spiritual Essays