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Twelfth Century A.D.


The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment

Last Revised: 10 February 2005

Enlightenment Teachings and Experiences

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Subject: Imam Al-Ghazzali (Abu Hamid Mohammed)
Dates: 1058-1113
Tradition: Muslim.

Just as the ear cannot take cognizance of colour, nor the eye of sound, so, in conceiving of the ultimate realities, God and the soul, we find ouselves in a region in which sense concepts can bear no part. (AH, 36.)

Subject: Hildegard of Bingen.
Dates: 1098-1179
Tradition: Roman Catholic.

When I was forty-two years and seven months old, a burning light of tremendous brightness coming from heaven poured into my entire mind. Like a flame that does not burn but enkindles, it inflamed my entire heart and my entire breast, just like the sun that warms an object with its rays. (IHB, 9.)

All of a sudden, I was able to taste of the understanding of the narration of books. I saw the psalter clearly and the evangelists and other catholic books of the Old and New Testament. (IHB, 9.)

Who is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is a Burning Spirit. It kindles the heart of humankind. Like tympanum and lyre it plays them, gathering volumes in the temple of the soul. ... The Holy Spirit resurrects and awakens everything that is. (IHB, 9.)

The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment