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Crystal Realm RPG

June 18:
I'll start off by saying that you're all very lucky that i'm so very nice to you. lol. I've been working on this almost every spare second i have, and so far most of the links are now up. Hurray!! lol. So far, I've put up the character book,staff listing, board link, the rules, the starship listing, weapons listing, wanted section, techs, half of the magic section, and the guest book, which is a huge acomplishment for someone as lazy as me to do within a week or 2, lol. Anyways, more updates to come soon. Until then, enjoy! lol

June 12
Since this is brand new, expect many, many difficulties, lol. Also, there will probably be frequent updating (to fix errors) and this will probably continue until I finally figure out the Angelfire setup. Good lord, is it confusing!! x_X lol Until then, i still have to get all the html sorted through, find out what's up with the background not showing up (grrr!!) and type up all the sections. And knowing me (and i've lived with me for all my life) i'll be far to lazy to do it all anytime soon, so good luck trying to navigate on a site where half the links don't even exist yet, lol.