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The King Family
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Tim, Lisa, Meghan, and Zachary


Lisa and Tim    6/26/03

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September 4, 2004

 Meghan's Album

Meghan is a sweet and caring girl.  She is consistently on the A-B honor roll at her elementary school.  She takes tap, jazz, and ballet at a local dance studio and also takes piano lessons at Kids Make Music.  She is a pet lover, but she especially likes dogs.  She loves to go to visit at her Nanny and Grandpa's house because her dog "Snowy" and 6 other dogs live there!  She really likes to read and write.  She is also a great big sister to her little brother Zachary and is excited that she will be a big sister again in April 2005.  She is hoping for a little sister.   

         Zachary's Album

Zach is a very active young boy. He started Kindergarten in August and is adjusting well to going to school every day.  He of course would much rather be home and asks daily, "Is tomorrow a school day or a stay home day?".  Some of his favorite things are being at home, playing video games, and since going to school he has really gotten into drawing and making his own books.  He enjoys taking Kindermusik at Kids Make Music and he loved playing T-Ball last Spring . He is already talking about wanting to play basketball this year.  Zach is excited that he is going to finally be a big brother. He is hoping for a little brother.     


SNOWY - Our Labrador Retriever 

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She lives with Lisa's parents now! We still visit her almost everyday and she comes to visit us too sometimes. She loves it at her new home because she has other dogs to play with and a great place to run! She is a great dog and we love her.



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